Mica Tape and How to Get the Best Supplier

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Mica Tape fiberglass supplier

Mica tape is one of the supporting devices that has a fairly strategic function. Its function is more than just adhesive tape, but also with strong adhesion, fire resistance, and high temperature, and acts as an insulator in various electrical connections. Procurement of this tool in large quantities must be supported by broad insight, and in collaboration with the best suppliers.

What is Mica Tape?

It is an electrical insulator in the form of tape. This tool is specially designed and flexible as an adhesive or cable wrapper with high-risk hot electric currents. The tape is supported by fiberglass which has been tested to withstand exposure to fire and high temperatures. It also does not contain toxic gases so it is relatively safe and environmentally friendly.

Mica Tape Making Process

Each supplier has a special composition and formulation to make exclusive mica tape. But in general, this product uses phlogopite mica tape in collaboration with fiberglass on the base. The two materials collaborate with certain techniques.

After going through a complex production stage, the tape manifests in a smooth texture and is reliable as a binder that is resistant to high temperatures. When the product is applied and exposed to high temperatures, the resin content will be damaged. But its insulating properties still work well and do not produce pollution that is harmful to the environment. For this reason, the installation process is relatively safe and does not require protective equipment.

There are various types of mica tape on the market, with clear differences in terms of price and quality. To procure this tool in small or large quantities, you need to be selective to get good products, but the price is still affordable.

Physical Specifications of Mica Tape

This tool is produced in a wide selection of sizes and thicknesses. In general, the fiberglass-backed tape will have a thickness of about 0.15 mm, in the form of a linear tape 30 meters long. The width of the band also varies, starting from the shortest at 5 mm and the widest reaching 50 mm.

Certain suppliers even provide adhesive tape from mica as wide as A4. When you are successful in choosing the right supplier, you can apply for the manufacture of mica tape with the size according to your request. There may be a certain cooperation agreement when you want to buy mica tape with a custom size.

Functions of Mica Tape

Production needs in fields related to heat and electricity will make mica tape function very strategic. The phlogopite mineral material in this special tape has been tested for fire resistance to the most extreme temperature levels. Fiberglass support further emphasizes mica tape as a superior tool and does not work against fire, in its position as an insulator.

In addition to being a good insulator for heat and electricity, the tape also has high resistance to chemicals such as water, acids, bases, and mineral oil to solvents. This tool is also neutral and does not pollute the environment. However, exposure to sulfuric acid can damage the function of the tape.

Finding A Mica Tape Supplier

Procurement of mica tape in large quantities ideally should involve cooperation with the best suppliers. Especially if you are shopping for the name of a particular company. Accountability reports must support the principle of efficiency, without compromising product quality based on certain standards.

Take a moment to research, so you can ensure that you are working with an experienced manufacturer, who has a good reputation and track record in working with business partners. Also, make sure the company provides a guarantee for all products sold.

It is also important to choose a supplier who not only sells mica tape, but also other related products, such as fire blankets, various fiberglass products, and other fire-resistant products. Suppliers even ideally have production equipment and a team of experts who can develop various engineering products for the construction and architecture fields.

The variety of products will make it easier for you to buy various types of products centrally, so the process is faster and more efficient. Of course, there must be a warranty and post-purchase service to protect consumers from losses and fraudulent practices.

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Cooperation in the procurement of mica tape with SilicaPro will bring many advantages. Not only superior product quality but also affordable price offers so that business cooperation can be mutually beneficial and sustainable. For more technical information and cooperation schemes, please feel free to contact us at any time.