Differences Between Temperate Valve And Mixing Valve Price

by | Mar 29, 2022 | HVAC

Temperate Valve And Mixing Valve Price China

In this information, you will see the meaning of a tempering valve and a mixing valve. Why do we describe that? Many people think that the tempering and mixing valves have the same characteristic and function. Moreover, the components have different functions. Therefore, you can read detailed information about the difference between tempering valve and mixing valve price.

Why We Use The Tempering Valve And Mixing Valve?

We find the bacteria is breeding in the hot water tank for a long day. It can cause viruses and other diseases. We usually find this problem in many buildings that use air conditioners, such as in apartments or hotels. 

That reason why we need a tempering valve or mixing valve to obstruct the bacteria. Those bacteria will undeveloped if we can keep the temperature in the tempering or mixing valve reach to 60 Celcius degree or 140 Fahrenheit. However, the effort to increase the temperature can cause the power bills to become higher. Therefore, we can not get additional protection. 

The System Of Tempering Valve And Mixing Valve

Both kinds are contained in the sensitive temperature element. It contains the contraction and expansion temperature as the response to the changing of temperature in the input water. This system controls a slide valve. This valve makes less cold or hot water into the mixing system consistently. It keeps the temperature depend on the desire. 

Tempering Valve Vs. Mixing Valve Difference

The tempering valve is installed in standard home water in the heat situation. The temperature of the tempering valve is accurate to 30C +/-. Many people use a tempering valve in their houses. 

Different from the tempering valve, the mixing valve has an accurate temperature of 10c +/-. The mixing valve can respond faster than the tempering valve to change the temperature of the input water. A mixing valve is installed in the condition of controlling water temperature. It can be applied in a higher system. 

Tempering valves are usually applied in standard homes. Mixing Valves are installed in the many facilities used by high-risk people, such as hospitals, nursing homes, health centers, and department store bathrooms.

Let’s Find The Best Mixing Valve Price!

You should search for some information to find the mixing valve price because the prices are different in the many competitor’s companies. You should compare some companies’ prices and the quality of their products first. We hope you get the best thermostatic products!