When Should You Work with an OEM Feed Mixer Manufacturer?

by | May 13, 2022 | Animal Husbandry

TMR OEM Feed Mixer Manufacturer in China Factory

The livestock business is always promising because delicious meat was initially obtained from healthy farms. No matter how sophisticated the technology, no mixture or formulation can create real meat. This can only be obtained by working hard to raise livestock, then selling and slaughtering them. This promising business is supported by the presence of an OEM feed mixer manufacturer, especially in the procurement of homogeneous feed.

Making feed is the most important part of raising cattle, sheep, chickens, and other poultry, especially if you have hundreds to thousands of your livestock. Instead of buying an instant feed, making your feed with TMR feed mixer from the OEM feed mixer manufacturer in China is more effective and efficient. 

The reason is that you will be able to determine what mixture will be included in the feed, as well as the level of homogeneity. But of course, you must first have a feed Mixer and work with the right OEM.

So, when is the right time to work with an OEM feed mixer? Here is the description, complete with many recommendations:

1. Steady Pursuing the Target of Increasing Livestock Production and Weight

A partnership with an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) can start when you are serious about pursuing the target of increasing livestock production and weight. This is the desire and target of all livestock businessmen. But some of them still delay buying mixer feeds for various reasons, mainly because of limited capital.

Purchasing feed mixers requires a high cost. For this reason, you should consider it a long-term investment because you will not immediately get a significant profit after using it for feed. The benefits of owning a feed mixer are long-term, where you will save significantly on feed purchases and have the opportunity to increase livestock productivity.

2. Planning to Run a Feed Business

Apart from being used for personal consumption, purchasing a feed-making machine from an OEM feed mixer will launch the feed business. You can become a feed supplier to meet the feed needs of other breeders. Even though the competition in the feed business is very high, you can adjust the composition of the feed and set a more affordable price to attract more customers.

To run this business, you should also work with a nutritionist specializing in livestock to ensure that your products are of high quality and reliable. In other words, the best time to work with an OEM feed mixer factory is when you are determined to run a sustainable feed business.

3. When You’ve Found the Best OEM Feed Mixer

You can immediately establish a partnership with an OEM feed mixer manufacturer when you find a good and credible company. Such companies usually meet the following criteria:

Providing Various Types of Agricultural and Livestock Husbandry Machinery

OEM feed mixer manufacturer ideally has complete and sophisticated production equipment. That way, they can provide various types of machines, including feed mixers, complete with complete specifications. This indicates that the company is a first-hand supplier who is ready to accept orders and requests from various business partners.

Bale wrapper feed wrap, tmr mixer manufacturer OEM factory

Providing Free Consulting Services

Even though you have done your research and adjusted to the needs on the farm, you may not be sure about the product you are going to buy. OEM feed mixer manufacturer is willing to provide free Consulting services and is in the interests of consumers so that you can make a more stable choice. You even have the opportunity to get recommendations and offer lower prices while maintaining product quality.

Transparent in Production Process

Consumers should be able to get information about the raw materials for the production of feed mixers. It also includes specifications for the blade, engine, and holding tube. The feed mixer model must also be adapted to its main function is mixing feed homogeneously. The information is presented clearly and in detail on the company’s official website. That way, anyone can easily access it and can do product research objectively.

Experienced and Reputable Manufacturer

In the search for OEM feed mixer manufacturer research, prioritize those with experience and a good reputation with consumers. You can see a variety of articles that contain product and service reviews of the company in question. Usually, customer reviews are submitted openly in the comments column as well as on blogs and personal blogs.

Provide Warranty for All Products

Warranty is one of the mandatory requirements when you want to buy a feed mixer from a certain company. Feed mixer life should last up to more than ten years. The existence of a warranty will allow you to replace the machine if it is damaged or get free machine maintenance when there are components that need to be repaired during the warranty period.

A good OEM feed mixer will also usually provide competitive, even affordable prices. If you are already in the three situations above, then don’t wait any longer to buy a mixer feed. Let’s work with Jummos to get a TMR mixer and bale wrapper that suits your needs and get a mutually beneficial price quote.