The Recipe Of How To Make Mashed Potatoes At Home

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How To Make Mashed Potatoes

Mash potato is a kind of side dish meal that you can eat and also cook in a very simple way. Making it at home is one of the simple ways as a companion for your steak or your kids’ meal. You only need to mash the boiled potato and add them with some ingredients to get more flavor. The process of how to make mashed potatoes is the same as the process of making hash brown. The potato must be mashed and added with salt, pepper, and other ingredients. 

Even the main ingredients of how to make them are the same just POTATO but the serving and the result are different. Mashed potato doesn’t need to be fried after being mashed. The hash brown needs to be fried after mashed the potato. Which one is simpler? The answer is the mashed potato. So, here’s the simplest thing to make mashed potatoes at home.

The Ingredients In Making Mashed Potato 

Even the main ingredients are the only potato, but other ingredients make how to make mash potato rich, creamy, buttery, and also tasty flavor. There are butter, milk, and cream cheese. 

  • Potato

You need to prepare at least 250 gr of them. If you want to make it for a special occasion in a bigger situation at home, you need to have 500 or 1 kilo of potatoes. 

  • Salt

One of the ingredients in how to make mashed potatoes is salt. It is better to use sea salt in a pinch. If you only have a table salt that has a bit stronger taste, just add it less than you use the sea salt.

  • Garlic

Garlic is important to make this ashed potato tasteful. We only need two or three cloves. If you don’t have real garlic in your kitchen, the garlic powder also can rescue you from having more tasteful mashed potatoes.

Butter. It is also one of the important things in making mashed potatoes. One tip for you to have a creamy and tasty mashed potato is you need to add no more than two teaspoons of butter to it. 

  • Milk

You will need milk to have the mashed potato got a rich flavor. Using fresh cow milk is the best choice for it. If you don’t have milk, you can also change it with the heavy creamer to make your mashed potato tasteful. 

  • Cream cheese

This cream cheese is important to make the mashed potato tasteful. We need to use this cream cheese to mix with the mashed potato. There is a lot of variant of cream cheese you can use. It can be the cream cheese in a jar or a block. If you want to choose the cream cheese from the jar, just add two teaspoons of cream cheese. If you want to choose cream cheese from the block, just cut it into 2 centimeters or 1 inch of chunks. This block is better than the cream cheese from the jar because it can easily melt when it mixes with the warm mashed potato. 

  • Topping or garnish

You can complete the mashed potato with some garnish. It can be oregano, chopped celery, or some green onions. Cracked black pepper is also good to garnish mashed potatoes. Last but not least, for the topping, using parsley as a topping is never wrong to complete the mashed potato.

The Steps Of How To Make Mash Potato 

  1. Prepare the potatoes. First, you need to cut the potatoes into chunks. 
  2. Boil the potatoes with salt. You can add not more than one teaspoon of sea salt and one clove of garlic to it. Drain the water after you boil for about 10 minutes. It is better to boil the potato on the best stockpot utensil. 
  3. We can use a spoon or mockery to do how to make mashed potatoes. It is better to use a masher on it to make the potatoes mashed perfectly. But if you don’t have one, just use a spoon or mockery.
  4. Prepare the butter, milk, cream cheese, and sea salt in a pan. Don’t forget to use a high-quality milk pan to have the best result on it. Heat for about 3 minutes and mix them with the mashed potatoes. 
  5. Stir them well until they mix. After it is perfectly mixed and thick, just add the topping of black pepper, green onion, or parsley. Enjoy the mashed potato with asparagus or as a side dish while you enjoy steak. Also check our homemade steak recipe.