How Important Redispersible Polymer Powder Roles Are

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How Important Redispersible Polymer Powder Roles AreConsciously or not, everyday life is closely related to the use of chemicals. From waking up to falling asleep again, chemicals become life-sustaining. As we know, not a few chemicals are dangerous. On the other hand, many ingredients provide benefits.

We cannot avoid the use of these chemicals. It is difficult for us to take a bath without soap, where bath soap is composed of chemical compounds that can cleanse our bodies of bacteria and germs. Another example is the use of redispersible polymer powder. We know, it is useful for the construction field. Then what are the usage details of redispersible polymer powder?

Defining the Redispersible Polymer Powder

As we know, we cannot separate our needs from the chemical compounds in our life. This way included the use of polymer powder. We may ever use it, but do not know how to exactly define it. It may be an unfamiliar one. So, what is redispersible polymer powder, and how to produce it?

We certainly have never heard the term emulsion. Then, this polymer comes from the emulation process and is altered by some process. The processes are not easy and simple since it involves the variables such as temperature and pressure. Then, the powdering process is much more related to the spray-drying process.

The production process of redispersible polymer powder spray drying is carried out by spray-drying a mixture of aqueous polymer and stabilizer. During this process, the formation of dust clouds is due to exposure to high temperatures.

Decomposition reactions and explosions are there risks from this spray drying process. If the manufacturer of redispersible polymer powder cannot handle it well, it can’t be released to the market.

The manufacturing does some treatments on the surface (using the thermoplastic resin) to make the polymers powdered and distributed to many places. So, how we can utilize this product? Here is the answer.

The polymers work as the organic binder. To use it, we need to add water or any solute then it would redisperse into a new form (emulsion). However, this new form is significantly similar to the previous emulsion. We could say, it holds still the original properties such as the binding ability. Many products are developed from this polymer.

People use this material especially in the field of construction as one of the top materials. It has strengths in how it can increase flexibility, cohesion as well as cohesiveness. These three factors work a lot when it is added to the mortar. In mortar mixing, the usage of polymer could increase the level of water retention.

Later, the process continues to film formation which would reduce the evaporation. If we are looking for a product with strong bonding, the redispersible polymer powder is the solution. Historically, it has been utilized over the years and is still defended. However, many innovations of products and development are always done to get the best formulation. This completely involves many methods and techniques.

In its development certainly, it passes many stages so we could use it easily now. Many kinds of research are constructed to meet the grade of flexibility and good other properties. Sure it is not easy and short work. Now, manufacturers still develop the internal formula and molecule. The goal is only to provide the best performance of the polymer under the precious productions.

What are the Applications of the Polymer?

Polymers have been used in almost all aspects of modern life. It is not very difficult to find items made of polymer today. The gadget we are using now most likely contains polymer materials. The drink bottles that we carry every day are also made of polymer materials.

Likewise, the packaging container in our home, refrigerator, or must-have components is made of polymer. Polymers with various variations have a level of versatility similar to other materials such as metal, wood, glass, and natural fibers.

However, we only focus on the use of polymer powder, especially in constructive works. It is widely added and use in some functions such as tile adhesives and wall putty. Now a day, an external insulation and finish system is also the works of the redispersible powder. Other important works such as tile grout and cement plaster are how to become beneficial materials.

In conclusion, we need to pay attention to the specimen of polymer. This includes some properties such as the appearance, the particle size, the density level, and the percentage of solid content. We should consider pH value, ash content, and how much the grade of the protective colloid. However, these details are usually provided in the catalog.

Usually, the uses of redispersible polymer powder are so varied. It is useful for wall putty, tile adhesive and is mostly used as dry mix mortar. Some manufacturers not only offer the best formulation but also the best price to get the audiences’ attention.

Dry Mortar Mix

Dry mortar will be needed for various construction works. Anyone using dry mortar where redispersible polymer powder is present will benefit from the following:

  • Increasingly strong and weather-resistant mortar bonds over a wide range of conditions of use. Just like the bond between mortar and concrete wall, EPS particle, brick wall, and EPS board.
  • Water in the printed mortar can cause damage to the building. Redispersible polymer powder in a dry mortar mix can overcome the risk of damage by absorbing the water.
  • Significantly improve the anti-cracking of the putty.
  • Heat aging resistance of tile adhesive.
  • EPS board insulation system impact resistance.

The effect of redispersible polymer powder on the setting time of cement mortar has been tested using an ultrasonic device. The mortar used as the sample is a simple mixture of fillers in the form of Portland cement as a binder, quartz sand, and methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose.

The mortar additive used is in the form of polymer powder which can be redispersed as much as 0.5% of the total weight. The amount of water used is equivalent to 20% of the total weight of the mortar.

When you want strong bonding power and resistance to adverse conditions, such as weather and impact from hard objects, then you only need to rely on products that contain redipersible polymer powder. You can also buy this powder at a chemical supply store or visit directly to the factory to manufacture building materials or body care products in bulk.