Perfect Homemade Sauces Making With the Best and Safe Saucepan

by | Jun 20, 2022 | Cookware

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Have you unboxed the cookware set that you bought in an online store? What cookware items do you get? Have you tried making dishes or sauces with all that cookware? Or did you just see a cooking demo of a chef who uses one or two cookware in the shop where you bought the cookware? 

You may be familiar with a frying pan to fry easy menus in the morning like omelets, sausages, and butter chicken. Likewise, the saute pan for sauteing vegetables and woks or the soup pot for making a delicious warm soup at night. Then, what about a saucepan that is similar to a milk pot or soup pot? Are you interested in making a dish using a saucepan?

Make Your Sauces at Home

Those of you who like western or continental cuisine must be familiar with the various sauces that are rich in taste. Start from barbeque sauce for grilled beef and roux to mother sauces for various Michelin cuisine. Take your saucepan, and then do make your sauces for the cuisine you like the most. You can make the sauce by the time the meal is ready to serve or make it for stock and put it in an airtight glass bottle. 

Roux Thickener Sauce

Roux is used as a base for sauces, pasta, and cream soups. This thickening sauce is a French culinary heritage that is more than 300 years old. The texture of the dish will be softer, more stable, thick, and won’t taste like raw flour because of this roux base. 

Roux is made using fat and wheat flour. Meanwhile, people at home make a roux using butter or margarine instead of fat. There are three types of roux. White roux is the most basic type with a rather pale yellowish-white color. It is usually used to make dishes with milk-based sauces such as carbonara, pasta, and macaroni. 

Then, if you cook 20 minutes longer, you will get a blond roux. It has a golden white color, smells good like toast, and can thicken well. No wonder it is often used to give off a pleasant aroma and provide a gorgeous blend of colors. You can find this roux in stock-based dishes such as Japanese curries and chowder. 

The last one is the brown roux which has a pretty brown color with a texture resembling peanut butter, and the aroma is also quite similar to the aroma of peanuts. This roux is quite rarely used because of its low thickness. 

Prepare Your Saucepan to Make the Roux

Before making a roux, it’s better to know the type of roux you want to make. The white roux takes just 5 minutes to make. Whereas for a blond roux, you need at least 20 minutes and 35 minutes for a brown roux.

Provide the flour and butter in a 1:1 ratio. So, if you use 100 grams of flour, then you have to use 100 grams of butter. Here’s how to make a roux:

  1. Take a saucepan. Heat the butter over medium heat until it’s all melted.
  2. Add flour and stir gently continuously using a wooden spoon or a whisk. Chefs prefer to use the whisk for a softer finishing.
  3. Store the roux in a closed container and put it in the refrigerator. 

Six Mother Sauces

Once your roux is ready, you can make a variety of sauces for your special dish at home. How about making all six mother sauces at home?

  • Bechamel Sauce

Those of you who often eat Fettucine Alfredo, lasagna, and fish-based dishes need to know how to make this sauce. You only need to mix milk, nutmeg, bay leaf, cloves, onions, and white roux in the process over the saucepan.  

  • Veloute Sauce

Chicken, fish, and vegetables are usually served with veloute sauce. This sauce is made by mixing fish or chicken stock with white roux. 

  • Brown Sauce

This sauce is made from chocolate broth and roux. The chocolate broth is made by burning the bones during the broth making on the soup pot. Then, during the sauce-making process, you have to add mirepoix. It is a particular type of vegetable consisting of onions, carrots, celery stalks, and leek stalks. The mirepoix and chocolate broth will be simmered together. Suppose you use a saucepan made of nonstick coated aluminum material, which is 100% free of PFOA and PFOS like Greblon C3. In that case, your broth will cook perfectly without emitting a lot of smoke which can disturb the clarity of the air in the kitchen.

  • Hollandaise Sauce

Seafood dishes use hollandaise sauce which has a fresh sour taste. You only need to prepare a saucepan to melt butter. Then, add the lemon juice, egg yolk, coarsely ground pepper, red pepper, and chopped shallots during the sauce-making process. 

  • Espagnole sauce. You will find this sauce in meat-based cuisine like steaks. 
  • Tomato sauce. Put tomato puree, stock, and roux into the saucepan. Then, add mirepoix, tomato paste, and bay leaf.