Apply Self Leveling Mortar for a More Even and Convincing Surface

by | May 10, 2022 | Cellulose Ether

cellulose ether construction self leveling mortar

In the process of constructing a building, you certainly expect everything to work well and produce a strong and neat structure. But there are times when something unexpected happens. Uneven floor surface even though it has passed a strict calculation. There are also building walls that are not perfectly covered with cement and paint. In other cases, ceilings do not last long and crack easily. Everything needs renovation, even when you just finished building for three months. When you calculate the details of the expenditure for building a house, you should include self leveling mortar as one of the materials you can rely on. This is a special mortar that you can apply when you want to glue walls, ceilings, or tiles so that the surface is flatter and faster to work. 

Advantages of Using Self Leveling Mortar

There may still be doubts about the current use of self leveling mortar. Most people may still think that building construction will only run smoothly if they use cement mortar as usual by adding certain addictive substances that are not too special such as this type of mortar. They also estimate that the self-leveling mortar will cost them a few dollars higher for just one work. 

You just need to think again if using a self leveling mortar can make it easier to renovate your building while reducing the burden of expenses in the future. This is a kind of investment value that is rarely seen by people in general. Why is buying this special mortar worth the investment?

· Underfloor heating is a must for those of you who live in a four seasons country. For a person like you who is always sensitive to cold temperatures, it is necessary to have underfloor heating. Self-leveling mortar can make your tiles have automatic heating directly under your feet. This mortar is compatible with thermoacoustic insulation and underfloor heating.

· The adhesion of this mortar is high. Between the surface and the tile to be pasted will stick together easily when mixed with this self leveling mortar

· Its high fluidity makes this mortar able to flatten a wide surface. You don’t have to worry if you buy self-leveling mortar in a pack because you can save a few dollars for leveling a fairly wide surface. 

· This special mortar can be used for all types of surfaces and types of tiles. You can apply it before installing vinyl flooring, laminate, floor, carpet, and many more. There is no need to worry about the strength of the different surfaces because the mortar is very good as an adhesive agent.

· Resistant to abrasion. You may live near a beach area or an area that frequently has flooded. Self leveling mortar will assist you in reducing the cost of building renovations when abrasion occurs. 

· Do you know how long it will take for the drying process? It can be up to 24 hours or a whole day. With this extraordinary mortar, you need at least 4 hours for the drying process if the surrounding conditions are favorable such as warm air temperatures. At least you only need to spend 5 hours until the mortar dries completely.

· The quality of the result of using self-leveling mortar is very high. Even so, the value is economical because the mortar makes you need a minimum of at least two people who work, simple equipment, and very fast processing time. 

Before Applying Self Leveling Mortar

The installation of self leveling mortar is not much different from mortar in general. You should apply the following steps before applying this particular mortar.

· Clean the surface to be coated with mortar. Make sure the surface is free from dust, oil, and other substances that can hinder the adhesion of the mortar. You also need to avoid the surface from puddles even though the surface must be able to be exposed to water. If the surface is metal, then clean it from residual rust, paint, oil, and others.

· Check the condition of the surface if there are cracks. Then, you must repair it immediately.

· Surface conditions must be consistent and firm. If it is soft or easily bends when pressed, then you must immediately find a way to harden it. 

No need to worry about the application of this self leveling mortar. If you find the best leading manufacturer of this mortar, then you can be directed to do it.