5 Tips To Sell Vanilla Beans

by | May 27, 2022 | Vanilla Beans

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It’s an honor to sell Vanilla beans. These farm products have become the second place of the most expensive spice globally. How to sell this product? Let’s find out.

Vanilla Beans, One Of The Most Expensive Spice In The World

Vanilla is an origin plant of Central America. But these days, it is planted in many countries. The first supplier is Madagascar, then Indonesia, followed by others like Hawai, Tahiti, and many more. 

Vanilla grows like orchids, but the one farmer harvest is the pods—vanilla is planted by the seed or the cut for faster growth. To grow vanilla plants, it needs 2-3 years until they produce the first flower. 

Vanilla’s flowers blossom for only a day. When it is not pollinated, it will fall the next day. The special one about vanilla is that the pollination can’t happen with the help of the wind. In its original habitat, the pollination was helped by the Melipona bee. This is a small bee that lives only in Central America. For many years, vanilla couldn’t produce pods in another country because people didn’t know how to help pollination. 

In 1841, Edmond Albius found a way to help pollination with a small stick, like a toothpick. This tool can use to open the lid and stick the pollen to the ovary. When the pollination succeeds, the pods will appear and grow in the bump. A bump may contain 15-20 flowers, and they don’t blossom together. So that farmworkers should check them every day to make sure every flower got pollinated. This process will produce many pods, and the next step is to harvest, post-harvest process, and sell Vanilla beans.

5 Tips To Sell Vanilla Beans

Online Vs Offline

Centuries before, people sell everything offline. This means the seller and the buyer should meet to know the products. They should do the proper test and make a connection first before making an agreement. So, sometimes, getting a new product from a new seller takes time. 

Vanilla is used in any kinds of food, drinks, cosmetics, perfumes, and many more products. The supply should be good to make sure production runs well. Having many suppliers will be very useful. The offline market may build for a long time. 

In this internet world, trading has become easier. People no need to meet anymore. They can check the products online. Buyers can compare price and quality by browsing many suppliers’ websites. Sell Vanilla beans can do without any offline meeting. 

Offer Many Amount Choices

A buyer may need to test to get the trusted product. This kind of buyer will need a small number of samples so that they can check the quality without losing too much money. 

The supplier should offer any kind of amount choices. Some suppliers offer the shipping for only one bean. This will make sense if the buyer needs to check the quality. When they find that the packaging is good, the shipping is fast, and the vanilla beans are as good as it’s written on the web, they can buy more. 

Be Responsive

Online traders must make time allocation to make sure they can give attention to any input on their web. Be responsive to any questions from the buyer. The quick response will make the buyer trust the trader. The buyer may ask many questions to make sure they will get the most suitable product for their need. It’s wise for the supplier to give a proper explanation. Sometimes, buyer cancels their buying, although they’ve asked many questions and got the explanation. A good supplier must keep their good attitude so that they still can get a chance to get that buyer next time. 

Trusted Vanilla Bean Seller

The supplier should learn to be the trusted one. In online or offline trading, trust is a must. This makes a strong connection so that the sell and buy activity will happen for a long time. 

Trust can build by supplying only the beans that have the quality offered on the web. If a supplier offers lower quality products, they must mention it on the web, too. This could be useful for buyers that need lower quality. But if a buyer asks for high-quality vanilla beans, never give them the lowest ones. It will destroy the trust. Remember that in the online world, people can share good and bad news with many people in no minute. 

Follow Up To Sell Vanilla Beans

When the supplier succeeds in selling Vanilla beans, it’s good for them to do the follow-up. They can ask the buyer about the shipping, the packaging safety, and the quality of the vanilla beans. The follow-up will create a deep connection between seller and buyer. 

Sell Vanilla beans can do this in many ways, with the support of technology. But selling in the modern living will become long life cooperation if the human side is touched by the quick response, explanation, and the follow-up.