Smart Thermostat Brands, Nest Vs Ecobee4

by | Apr 17, 2022 | HVAC

Smart Thermostat Brands, Nest Vs Ecobee4

Do you want to make your home more comfortable? Surely everyone wants a comfortable residential house. One way can be done by installing a smart thermostat plant that is in your financial condition. To decide what you need, you also certainly need a survey to get considered the things you need to meet the needs of your home. This article will explain the two smart thermostat brands that can be used as a reference before you decide to buy the most suitable for your home.

Nest vs Ecobee4

There are two products that we will explain in this article, and each product that will be described has uniqueness. Before discussing the differences that the two tools have, you should know the quality of each of these tools.

In the First Position is the Nest Thermostat

When your choice falls on the Nest thermostat, the first step you have to do does mature financial planning; this happens because the price is quite a budget. But like the old saying that there is a price, there is a quality, not only the Nest also has a unique and very modern design if it is installed in your home. Very suitable for those of you who have a minimalist residential house.

Not only the modern design, but Nest also offers an astonishing, which is main feature that can learn the owner’s habits while in the room or even when this tool is turned on and you are still outside the house, the system automatically replaces the thermostat. This feature will help you have the appropriate setting without the need to bother changing it again. Because this tool ensures you get the right warmth if you are inside the house.


Not only Nest is priced at expensive prices, but eCoBee4 is also so, but of course, with a balanced advantage that is tried to offer to its users. One of the other-owned advantages is EcoBee4, launched as one of smart thermostat brands that has a touch screen. Not only that but the ecobee4 you buy will also be equipped with a remote sensor so you can adjust the room temperature you need even from a different room. This tool is perfect for those of you who have a big and multilevel house.

You must know the difference between the Nest thermostat and EcoBee4. 

Nest Thermostat

Unfortunately, the Nest does not have the usual homework feature; a complement to Smarthome Homeka products will facilitate users to control or manage the work system of electronic devices.

However, the news if you chose EcoBee4 certainly included home build support.

The Easiest Installed

Another advantage offered by the Nest Thermostat is the ease of installation. Wen Nest helps the compatibility process of this tool, and you only need to plug the cable according to direction, then the temperature manager you buy can be directly used.

The difference is EcoBee4, has a difficult installation because it requires a power extender kit that must be installed first on the furnace circuit board. It will be easy if you understand electronics well.

EcoBee4 Brand is Best Suited if You Have a Big House

If you have a multi-story house and spacious, you don’t need to panic because ecobee4 is designed to meet your needs. So there are no more problems with temperature differences upstairs and down even though the smart thermostat is located downstairs. EcoBee4 answered the worries properly.

Make sure you make a good financial plan when you decide to add heating that has advanced technology in your home. This situation will save your financial condition and not impress you in a hurry in doing planning, especially in terms of presenting a comfortable atmosphere in your home.

After knowing the difference between the two, you must start thinking about the smart thermostat brands which you need. What can you learn about your habits so that thermostat can be set automatically? One is equipped with a touch screen and remote sensor, which is suitable for a big house? The choice is now in your hand. The important thing is not just to pursue sophistication but still buy something according to your financial capacity.