Three Brands of Smart Thermostat Manufacturers

by | Feb 18, 2022 | HVAC

Smart Thermostat Manufacturers Nest Ecobee honeywell

Advances in technology make it easier for humans to live their lives. One of them is the presence of the smart thermostat manufacturers. In this article, we will explain the three most recommended brands of smart thermostats so that you have a reference when you want to buy the most suitable for your home.

The three brands of smart thermostat manufacturers are the Nest Thermostat, Ecobee4, and Honeywell. To make it easier for you to buy what you need, we will briefly provide an overview of the three smart thermostats. After that, give what the three of them have in common this can be an additional point for you.

The smart thermostat manufacturers, namely:

Nest Thermostat

The Nest is a product of an electronics company that was acquired by Google in early January 2014. On its journey, Nest was discovered by one of the main creators of the Apple iPod. It is considered that the acquisition at that time reached 3.2 billion US dollars. After the acquisition process, the Google Home device finally changed its name to Google Nest.

Who doesn’t know Google in terms of the largest information provider on this planet than for Nest products? It is certainly not difficult to make the right choice. Not only in the United States, in Indonesia, Nest products are also officially sold, but smart speakers. Unlike the products that were sold out in the United States, namely the fourth-generation version of the Nest Thermostat, there have been many feature updates, especially integration with Google Home.

Google Nest Thermostat was created to easily regulate temperature; owners can also save on electricity expenses by making temperature schedules in various conditions. The simple design makes it attractive as an additional ornament in the house. It is easy to use due to its ability to detect habits and situations, making it automatically change the thermostat so that you no longer need to adjust it manually.

For the price, if the Nest Thermostat is quite expensive, the company provides an economical version called the Nest Thermostat-E. The product uses plastic, but in terms of function, it is still reliable, especially regarding saving on electricity costs.


Not inferior to the Nest Thermostat, Ecobee4 is also one of the smart thermostat manufacturers that offers an interesting thing, namely having a touch screen. How to control it is very easy, like using a smartphone. Of the three thermostats that we want to introduce in this article, the Ecobee4 has the largest screen, leaving room for a lot of accessible information.

Apart from the widescreen, the Ecobee4 is also equipped with a remote sensor that makes it easier for you to control it, So it will not cause problems when you have a large and terraced house.

If you feel that the price of Ecobee4 is too high, then you can look at the Ecobee3 Lite. However, unlike Ecobee4, Ecobee3 is not equipped with a remote sensor, so you must control it directly.

Lyric Honeywell

Although not as popular as the two options above as a smart thermostat manufacturer, Honeywell’s lyric is a thermostat that is created cool and sleek. It is similar in design to the Nest and even has a similar swivel wheel it is easy to install.

However, you must take care of the cables and create a few issues with the user interface.

What do the Three Smart Thermostats Have in Common?

After getting to know the three smart thermostat manufacturers, it’s a good idea to know what the three devices have in common so that you know what the three smart thermostats can do.

  • It can be used with iOS and Android support.
  • Your Smartphone can be used as a remote thermostat control.
  • When using the smart thermostat, first set a schedule for the air conditioner or heater you want to use.
  • Motion detection where the third is to know when you are in the house and automatically turn on the display when you enter the house.
  • When able to provide weather forecast data, you can know what will happen, especially about temperature.
  • Amazon Echo is supported, so you can adjust the room temperature just by using your voice.
  • It can be used for all family members at home by adjusting it according to the needs of the people in the house.

After knowing the three brands of smart thermostat manufacturers above, it is hoped that you can choose wisely according to your needs and finances. If you already know the similarities of the three, which can make it easier for you to properly regulate the temperature requirements in the house. It’s time for you to decide what you need most and make sure it fits your family’s finances. Happy shopping.