Smart thermostats from China

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Smart thermostats from China

When the winter or rainy season arrives, you want your body to feel warm. Besides wearing thick clothes, is there another way? How to keep the body warm during the rainy season or winter? Have you got the answer?

One solution to keep the body warm is to install a space heater. Of course, with the help of a thermostat, a sophisticated device that can maintain temperature. Then what is the tool? How does it work? Does it make the body warmer? The answer is yes, and this tool can warm the body in winter. Several types of these products have been widely circulated, one of which is the smart thermostats from china.

A Smart Thermostat, What is it?

For those of you who don’t know about the thermostat, consider the following explanation to get to know more. In the world of technology, researchers are competing to create something new. So do not be surprised if, day by day, technology is developing rapidly. One example is space heating technology. Many people have widely applied this technology. It helps to warm the body when winter arrives.

The thermostat is a device or device that functions to control the heat in the environment. Ancient Greek is the origin of the word thermostat. This means keeping the heat the same, so the meaning of the word thermostat is a device that functions to maintain the same temperature.

This device is not only used to warm the room. However, other equipment also uses this one element. Some of the equipment that uses this element includes air conditioning (air conditioning), refrigerator, oven, and so on, likewise with the smart thermostats from china, which plays a role in many other household appliances.

This device was invented in England, and its use is to stabilize the incubator temperature in chicken farms. Then over time, thermostats are used in textile factories to maintain the temperature of production machines. Since then, this technology has continued to develop until now.

How does this Device Work?

Before discussing how the thermostat works, its types will be explained in advance. There are two types of thermostats on the market, namely mechanical or manual and electronic or digital thermostats. Both have differences in terms of form and way of working. But what includes smart thermostats from china, the electronic or digital type?

1. How the Mechanical or Manual Thermostat Works

A mechanical thermostat is made up of two different types of metal that are taped together to form what is called a Bi-Metallic strip (or Bi-Metal Strip). The two strips will serve as a bridge to deliver or cut off the electric current to the heating or cooling system circuit.

During normal times, the strip, which functions as a bridge, will always be connected and flow electricity. The connected circuit is also ON. When the strip gets hot, one of the metals between them will expand and change its shape to a slight dent and will bend more as the strip gets hotter, which will eventually separate the strip connection with the circuit so that the flow of electricity to the heating or cooling system circuit is also cut off or into the OFF condition. The thermostat then changes to an OFF (Switch OFF) condition, or there is a disconnection of the electric current to the heating or cooling system connected to the thermostat. 

2. How the Electronic or Digital Thermostat Works

The Working Principle of this Electronic Thermostat is slightly different from the Working Principle of a Bi-Metal Thermostat which uses an Electro-Mechanical concept. Electronic Thermostats are basically in the form of an electronic circuit consisting of various electronic components. 

The main component for detecting temperature changes is a thermistor, which is a resistor whose resistance value can be affected by the surrounding temperature. Thermistors are divided into two types, namely PTC Thermistors and NTC Thermistors.

One of the most important components of an electronic thermostat is the thermistor. This component serves to determine changes in room temperature. Thus, the resistor value will vary according to the ambient temperature. There are two types of resistors, namely NTC and PTC.

The advantages of this Digital or Electronic Thermostat are that it is more energy-efficient and prevents waste of electricity use. This type of thermostat can be programmed so that we can adjust the temperature according to the period we want. This is the advantage of using the technology of smart thermostats from china