Some Points of View Related to the Healthy Pots and Pans

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Healthy Pots and Pans aluminum c3 cookware

Everyone wants to cook perfect food and to cook delicate food always be a problem in the kitchen. Everyone wants healthy pots and pans to decorate the kitchen. We can not hesitate; one factor in creating delicious food is the healthy, elegant, and affordable pots and pans. 

Delicate food such as fish, omelets, and pancakes always becomes sticky while the cooking process. To create the perfect food needs, special pots and pans. We say as non-stick pans and pots. There are some points of view that you need to know about these non-stick pans and pots.

Use A Lower Or Medium Heat

Do you know that using a non-stick pan should be in lower or medium heat? Yes, high temperatures can break the coating and lose the toxic fume. It is dangerous for health. So, if you have non-stick pots and pans in your kitchen, just set them at a low or high temperature. It will make the food keep healthy and in good form. 

Don’t Use Metal Utensils

Metal utensils to stir the food in the non-stick pan must not be used. It causes metal utensils can break the coating of a non-stick pan. It will create the scratch. And if there is a scratch in non-stick pots or pans, they will not be healthy anymore. It is better to change it with the new one.

The Coating Of Non-Stick Pan

Non-stick pans will not make the food sticky on the surface of the pan. It causes the layer, or we say as a coating. The coating material makes the food not sticky on the pan while the cooking process. Unfortunately, the coating material can make the food becomes dangerous for the health. If non-stick pan heat at a high temperature, it will lose dangerous substances to the food. That is the reason you must not use high temperatures while cooking in a non-stick pan.

The coating material is common with C8. Based on the research, a study found that a non-stick pan coated with C8 is still dangerous to use. It is so easy to scratch, and we must be careful to use it. There is good news if you want a non-stick pan, but it is still healthy pots and pans. The news is the coating layer can be C3. It is safe for health. 

The research found that the C3 coating in a non-stick aluminum pan becomes healthy pots and pans. C3 material is not easy to scratch. It is harder to lose dangerous toxic. The price of a non-stick aluminum pan coated with C3 is more expensive than common pots and pants, but we must always remember that the price of health is without limits. If you can bring healthy pots and pans to your house, why not you buy them? 

Use A Little Oil

Although non-stick pots and pans can be used without oil, it is still better to use a little oil while frying. It is suggested to reduce heat. Don’t heat the pots or pans without oil. It is worrying that the coating will be broken, and hazardous toxic can mix with your food. Of course, you don’t want this case to happen, do you?

Your Food Will Not Be Brown Well

Healthy pots and pans are the willingness of many people in their kitchen. Aluminum non-stick pots and pans can be a good answer for healthy pots and pans, especially coated by C3. Unfortunately, the food that you cook will never brown well. Yes, that is one of the drawbacks of a non-stick aluminum pan. For example, when you cook fish on a non-stick pan, it cannot brown well. To make food becomes brown, well needs high temperature; unfortunately, non-stick aluminum pans are prohibited from using at high temperature. 

Reaction To Acidic Food

The most important point in using a non-stick aluminum pan is that it is reactive to acidic food. It can release toxic called PFOA and PFOS. Both are dangerous for health. It can cause cancer, a problem with reproduction, kidneys, and so on. Furthermore, it is not suggested to cook acidic food in a non-stick aluminum pan. It is worried the food will be combined with hazardous materials from the pans. So, avoid using high heat on pots and pans you have, especially aluminum non-stick pans. 

In conclusion, healthy pots and pans are not the only dreams for you. You can buy it as your needing. A non-stick aluminum pan coated with C3 will be one of your best choices. A good way to protect your non-stick pots and pans must be done for your lovely cookware. If you treat it well, you can create delicious and healthy food for your family. Aluminum non-stick pots and pans become durable and long-lasting in your hand. You will be satisfied to use it, without regret it. Try it up!