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by | Jun 6, 2022 | Vanilla Beans

Supplier Vanilla Beans in Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, PNG

Many food companies use vanilla as an essential ingredient. This spice produces a nice flavor for snacks, drinks, chocolate, and many more. For those kinds of companies, finding a good supplier of vanilla beans is a must. 

Vanilla, The Green Gold

Most people see vanilla as green gold, as the pricing is almost like treasure. Vanilla is the second place of the most expensive spice in the world. The first one is saffron. Both spices need high effort to get it. How difficult to get vanilla? 

Vanilla lives as an epiphyte, like other orchids. Vanilla is an original plant from Central America. The original habitat is in the forest, where they can grow by hanging their vine on other trees. But if other orchids can live by only hanging on other trees, vanillas need soil for their root-finding nutrition and water. So, for vanilla, the root reaches deep inside the soil, but the vine can reach high along the tree its hold on. 

Vanilla needs sunshine, but not too much. Hold on to a tree’s stem will make them available to get morning and evening sunshine. During the day, while the sunshine is high, vanilla is protected by the tree’s leaves. Residents of Central America use vanilla in their drinks. 

Vanilla is then known by Europeans. They also want to plant it to harvest the pods. But, for years, this harvest was unavailable because European vanilla can’t be pollinated. In the original habitat, vanilla’s pollination is helped by Melipona bee. This bee doesn’t live in Europe. 

In 1841, Edmond Albius found an easy way to help pollination. He uses a small stick to open the lid, then sticks the pollen into the ovary. This can help vanilla produce pods so that Europeans can get their own supply. This is the start of vanilla planting and using in any kinds of foods, not only chocolate drinks like in Central America. 

During the trading and colonization periods by the Europeans, vanilla brings by the invaders to the colonies. This makes vanilla planted in many countries. Every colony has its own weather and soil situation. This makes the same vanilla species produce different flavors because of the difference between one place and another. 

Indonesia was colonized by the Netherlands for more than three centuries. During this period, vanilla was also brought to Indonesia and planted here. The soil and weather in Indonesia create a unique vanilla flavor that is similar to dried fruits. Indonesian vanilla pods are plump and heavy. 

With the nice weather, Indonesia can produce vanilla to supply the world’s needs. The only country that produces vanilla more than Indonesia is Madagascar. In Indonesia, vanilla is planted on-farm, where farmers grow the vine on bumps. This will allow farmers to control the vines so that they can take care of the vanilla properly. 

Vanilla’s flowers blossom for only a day. When it blooms and doesn’t get pollinated, it will fall. This makes vanilla farms need a lot of workers to control the flowers and help the pollination process every day. The workers also have to watch for the pods, harvest the ripe ones, and do the post-harvest process. Vanilla farms are a place that needs a lot of workers. 

Supplier vanilla beans work like the ones who collect produce from farmers. The supplier will check the quality and share it with consumers. Vanilla is needed in any kind of food and drink. It is also used in perfumes, cosmetics, and many-body care products. Additionally, it is perfect to be used as aromatherapy, too. Those uses make vanilla demands soar high. 

Supplier vanilla beans have a network where they can find the proper vanilla quality for the proper product. The supplier also offers many kinds of vanilla buying amounts so that the buyer can choose the best amount suitable for them. Finding a supplier will ease the work of the company because they don’t need to find the farmer themself. 

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Best Vanilla Bean Supplier

Every company wants to get the highest benefit with the lowest payment. Sometimes, payment for finding the proper farmer’s products is high. To ease the work, the company can find suppliers that can help the company find the most suitable vanilla beans. A company may need the grade A vanilla beans, but others may need the lower grade. 

Supplier vanilla beans offer many kinds of vanilla. They offer not only the species but also vanilla from any country. Each country produces special flavor vanilla that may not be suitable for any products. This means buyer should know the vanilla bean they need and find the proper supplier that sells the right beans. 

As the world is helped by the internet, finding suppliers can be done online. There are a lot of suppliers on the internet. They offer many buying amounts and any kinds of vanilla beans. Just search, ask question, and get an explanation. Start with a small amount until you know that the supplier is good. This will ensure you in getting the best vanilla bean supply from a trusted supplier of vanilla beans.