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by | Apr 22, 2022 | Vanilla Beans

Tahitensis Vanilla Bean Supplier

Vanilla is a spice that is widely used in many foods, drinks, cosmetics, herbal therapy, and others. Vanilla came from plants like orchids. Tahitensis Vanilla bean supplier can serve the need for vanilla for some purposes. 

The Origin Of Vanilla

Vanilla is famous as a product from Madagascar, with the vanilla variety called bourbon. This vanilla has a sweet butter flavor that enriches foods and drinks. Bourbon came from the plant with the name V. planifolia, which grew well in the original place. But then, as more people from other countries know the flavor of vanilla, they find a way to plant it in their places. 

Naturally, there are a lot of vanilla plants in this world. But those that have been known can produce vanilla beans with a specific flavor are V. planifolia and V. tahitensiss. Both of them are plants that orchids like, with the stem, leaves, and similar beautiful flowers. 

The vanilla stem is a circle with a diameter of about one centimeter. The stem sticks or hang onto other stronger plant. In nature, it grows on the tree’s stem so that vanilla can reach a higher location and get enough sunshine. The root is in the ground to get nutrition. Vanilla and orchids are not parasites, and they only need another plant as a place to hang or stick. On the plantation, the function of the trees substitutes for woods, ropes, or other media. The height was also could arrange not to be too high so that the worker could easily do their jobs. 

The vanilla flower appears as a group of petals that blossom, usually only one in a day, creating a long queue. The flower blossom only several hours a day, then closes again and dies. In nature, the flower got pollination and help by wind or insects. It creates a low possibility of producing pods. For the purpose of vanilla bean, in plantations, the pollination helped by the worker. Every morning, the worker goes around the field to find the flower and then manually helps with the pollination. Manual pollination does with the help of a wooden stick of toothpick size. 

When the pollination succeeds, the flower will produce green pods. The pods will grow bigger and get ripe after several months. The pods are ready to harvest when the yellow color appears on their surface. The pods harvest by cutting the branch of their group. Then the pods go into the curing process, which includes sweating, drying, and conditioning. All these post-harvest processes will give vanilla beans as the final products. Tahitensis Vanilla bean supplier helps to distribute this ingredient all over the world. 

Tahitensis Vanilla Bean Supplier From Indonesia

Indonesia is a tropical country that has many volcanoes, so the soil is fertile. Many kinds of plants can grow well in this country, including vanilla tahitensis. Vanilla that comes from Indonesia has a special fruity flavor. Vanilla tahitensis is suitable for cold or frozen dishes and drinks. Their special flavor will enrich the final products. 

Although vanilla sells in many forms in the market, such as vanilla powder, vanilla extract, and others, vanilla bean is the best to get the original flavor. To get the original flavor from a vanilla bean, you can prepare a sharp knife and a spoon. Place the vanilla bean on the surface of your table, hold the edge, then start to cut it horizontally along the length. After the cutting, you’ll get two long halves of the vanilla bean. In this step, you can see the small black or dark brown vanilla seeds in it. Push the spoon from one edge onto another to collect the seeds. From a vanilla bean, you can collect a spoonful of vanilla seeds. Don’t waste the skin. You can use it to give flavor to your tea. You can also sink it in a solution to get the extract. While, you can add the seed into your dough, batter, or mixture of the cold dishes and drinks.

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