Planifolia Tahitian Vanilla Beans For Sale

by | Dec 6, 2019 | Vanilla Beans

Tahitian vanilla beans for sale Planifolia Singapore China Korea Japan The Vanilla flavor is often found in the dessert we enjoy such as ice cream, cakes, and biscuit bars. The scent of vanilla also gently strokes our nose when a spray of perfume hits our skin. Vanilla is the best mate every time we need peace in our hectic days. No one does not like vanilla. No wonder if you see someone who likes vanilla is now turning into a vanilla business person. He also specializes as an agent who sells Tahitian vanilla beans for sale.

Why Is Tahitian Vanilla Beans Special?

There are several superior vanilla beans in the world. Only three of them have been grown for commercial purposes so far. They are vanilla beans of Madagascar, Mexico, and Tahiti that come from the same ancestors in native vanilla beans grown in Central America and Mexico. Then, how does Tahitian vanilla beans be special compared to others?

  • Tahitian vanilla beans are easier to obtain than Mexican vanilla and Madagascar vanilla beans. Mexican vanilla is rather difficult to grow outside Mexico because the pollination process requires special insects that only live in Mexico. Meanwhile, Madagascar vanilla beans often suffer from declining supply due to bad weather. This makes people switch choosing Tahitian vanilla beans for sale to meet their vanilla needs rather than getting unripe or fake Madagascar vanilla beans.
  • Tahitian vanilla beans have a pleasant fruity aroma. It’s very different from Madagascar and Mexican vanilla beans which have a strong aroma like cream of straw.
  • Tahitian vanilla beans look more adorable with a greasy whole body, high water content, plump, bold, and dark than other vanilla beans.
  • Tahitian vanilla bean can be used in all types of dishes because of its pleasant aroma and the taste that makes food or drinks more delicious.

Preparation To Meet Tahitian Vanilla Beans For Sale

When you are ready to sell Tahitian vanilla beans, so you have to imagine a large scale. No longer sell retail to small traders. You should be able to see the opportunity to sell this best quality vanilla in wholesale or bulk orders for the requests of hotels, restaurants, cafes, or fragrance product manufacturers.

There are several preparations you can do:

  1. If you don’t have the intention to grow your vanilla, you should find a vanilla farmer who can provide the best Tahitian vanilla beans for sale. Make a partnership agreement with him before you look for your potential customers.
  2. Grow vanilla on your land or rent to meet the vanilla needs of all your future customers.
  3. Find potential customers from your contact list on your cell phone or email contact.
  4. Learn how to treat freshly harvested vanilla beans.
  5. Try to find the best packaging and shipping methods so that your Tahitian vanilla beans for sale remain safe while stored.
  6. Try to keep in contact with your potential customers.
  7. Try to make other vanilla products such as vanilla extract and natural vanilla essences.
  8. Always upgrade your knowledge of the vanilla beans business.

Viralize Your Tahitian Vanilla Beans For Sale

We go back to your strong goal of selling Tahitian vanilla beans. It is to win the days of your product, right? What if you try the digital marketing by making your Tahitian vanilla beans the most sought after product in the virtual universe?

  • Make an initial video about how you plant Tahitian vanilla beans. Choose a setting place on the real vanilla land. Make the documentary video for about 10 to 20 minutes to catch your followers’ attention.
  • Do make too long videos with boring explanations.
  • Make a unique packaging. You can start by selling 2 Tahitian vanilla beans in a practical tube packs. This packaging must be properly vacuumed. Then, you can write down the sentences like Tahitian Vanilla Makes You Alive! on the packaging. Don’t forget to record each process. Don’t be afraid of someone’s stealing your ideas because only you have those brilliant ideas.
  • Send your attractive products to the selebgrams or public figures you know. Ask them to review your product. Remember there is an agreement to request this product review.

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