Is It Possible To Get The Cheapest Bulk Vanilla Beans?

by | Dec 31, 2019 | Vanilla Beans

Is It Possible To Get The Cheapest Bulk Vanilla Beans?

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Is it possible to get the cheapest bulk vanilla beans? What is your answer? Yes or no? Then, what is your strongest line to support your answer? The answer to this question can certainly be ‘yes’ or ‘no’. All will depend on your ability to find the cheapest vanilla beans in cyberspace or the farmers around you.

Spice That Was Born Expensive

We all know that vanilla bean is one of the most expensive spices in the world. There are many criteria to be crowned as the world’s most expensive spices. It could be the spice that hard to get like saffron. Then, it could be the spice that needs extra handling until the packaging time. Maybe this spice also requires labor-intensive work from the nursery to harvest season.

The cultivation of the planifolia orchid to produce the aromatic vanilla beans requires labor-intensive work. It takes at least 9 to 12 months to arrive at the harvest season. The pollination period is carried out intensively one day by the time the flowers bloom. After 24 hours, the flowers will wither. Those who are late in the pollination process will lose their harvest in the following months.

Then, is it possible to get the cheapest bulk vanilla beans?

The Vanilla Beans Online Purchase

People love to shop online. There are so many lucrative offers in online stores like the discount after the 5th purchasing or free delivery cost when you stay in the same area as the seller. Initially, we can only buy things online for the items that are not too risky such as clothes, bags, shoes, kitchen utensils, and household furniture. It is possible now to purchase agriculture and plantation products online.

There is a pleasant partnership with the shipping company where the sellers and buyers can calmly carry out the transaction even though the goods sent are in the form of easily damaged plantation products. Today there are so many offers from shipping companies where buyers are free to choose the shipping package according to their budget. You will feel a peaceful look for the cheapest bulk vanilla beans on websites such as Amazon and stores that specialize in selling bulk and wholesale vanilla.

Buy Vanilla Beans Bulk From The Farmers Near You

Some people transformed into vanilla farmers. They use the yard of their houses to plant vanilla. They use various seeds of vanilla. Some farmers buy seeds online without knowing the specific type of the vanilla beans, whether it is Tahitian vanilla beans, Madagascar vanilla beans, or Mexican vanilla beans. You may also find the farmers who get cheap seeds from other fellow farmers or the economic enterprise in their neighborhoods.

You can get the cheapest bulk vanilla beans from farmers like this. Furthermore, you can treat the vanilla beans as you wish. Are you going to make it a high-value vanilla extract? Or maybe you will pour it in the cake dough you make for your cake shop. It’s up to you.

Profitable Bulk Purchases

Many people believe that bulk purchases can reduce the price of vanilla. This will depend on the type of vanilla beans you buy. Bulk purchases will make vanilla beans inexpensive compared to the purchases per kilogram that reach 500 or 700 dollars and also the purchases of one vanilla bean that can reach 5 dollars.

The seller will get more profit if he sells it in bulk or wholesale. The cheapest bulk vanilla beans you can find in online stores ranges from 5 to 10 dollars for three vanilla beans. Some sell Madagascar vanilla beans for 99 dollars for 25 vanilla beans. This also brings benefits for you as a buyer, right?

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