Thermal Actuator Supplier In China Introduction

by | May 17, 2022 | HVAC

Thermal Actuator Supplier In China

China is the biggest country that produces everything about materials for everything, including technology. One of the materials for the industry comes from a thermal actuator supplier. One of the cities in China that has produced this thermal actuator is the SMLEGE company. The complete name of this company is Shanghai SMLG Thermostatic Technology Co., Ltd. Thermal Actuator is the other part of the thermostatic element. On the water heating system and air conditioning water system, there is a thing to close the loop that’s the function of the thermal actuator itself. The thermal actuator only has a responsibility to close the loop for those two water systems. This thermal actuator is automatically controlled by a wax thermostatic element in the electric actuator.

There are only eight models of this thermal actuator; each model has a different design based on its function. The thermal actuator accepted the customized model with some regulation. The supply for size, the valve, and voltage needs to be set manually to get the customized model that we want. Let’s take a look closer at some thermal actuator products.

1. 920039PL model

This 920039PL thermal actuator has five types of voltage. The first one is 12V, 24V, 210V, 220V and the highest is 230V. This thermal actuator can work from temperature -5℃ to 60℃. The running time of this product is between three to five minutes. It has a cable length of about 800 millimeters.

2. 920059PL model

The 920059PL is a compact and efficient thermal actuator designed primarily for floor heating systems. It operates silently and is easy to install, with a quick setup and straightforward disassembly. Key features include a small size, low power consumption of 2W, and a first-open function for enhanced control. It works under the principle of normally closed control direction, with an M30x1.5mm adapter.

The actuator is versatile in voltage compatibility (12v, 24v, 230v) and has a robust housing made of PA66+30%GF. With a force of 100±10N, a stroke of ≥4mm, and a cable length of 800mm, it meets the EN 60730 standard. The working temperature range is -5℃ to 60℃, and it features a full view stroke indication, closing and opening in 3-5 minutes, and an IP41 protection grade.

3. 920062PL model

The thermal actuator model 920062PL is a versatile device suitable for various voltage levels including 230V, 220V, 210V, 24V, and 12V. It features a normally closed control direction and is designed for energy efficiency with a power consumption of only 2W. The working temperature range is -5℃ to 60℃, making it adaptable to various environmental conditions.

With a force rating of 100±10N and a stroke of at least 4mm, this actuator meets the EN 60730 standard. It is equipped with an M30x1.5mm adapter and boasts an IP54 protection grade. The housing is made of durable PA66+30%GF. Additionally, it offers variable closing and opening times of 3-5 minutes or 60-90 seconds.

4. Temperature Centre Controller

This has no code, but it is still an essential product of the thermal actuator supplier. This TCC or Temperature Centre Controller can be applied to the water-heating system. The function of TCC is to help the heater, especially the wall-hanging and the external pump, to work with the panel of temperature-controlling and also actuators from electronic heating.

We can do more savings when we have this. This also can be used for energy conservation. It is also good to avoid the pressure of water pressure for the water flowering system. This also makes the activity of watering the flower go smooth.

There is a working principle that we need to know when we want to use this TCC. Firstly, the thermal actuator needs to work first. It is needed when turning on the heating thermostat. Secondly, the boiler and water mixer need to work after 120 seconds delay. When we turn off the panel, the thermal actuator, heater, and external pump will stop working at the same time.

The controlling panel for the temperature starts the heater in the wall-hanging and external pump. The wall-hanging heater and external pump will work in 120S. This will happen after TCC starts. This wall-hanging is typically a heater that works not too actively with the voltage of AC220V. The thermal actuator needs to be closed when we want to let the wall-hanging heater works normally.

Every model of the thermal actuator can be applied to underfloor heating. It is also applied in temperature for controlling the hydraulic balancing system. To mix up the water cooling pump system also, we can add up the model of the thermal actuator. Last but not least thermal actuator suppliers can also be applied for air conditioning.