Thermal Actuator System, Types and Manufacturers

by | Jun 12, 2022 | HVAC

Thermal Actuator System, Types and Manufacturers

Do you search for a tool for completing your wax thermostatic element? One of the equipments of wax thermostatic is the thermal actuator system. The thermal actuator is a product used for closing the closed loop of the water heating system. The wax thermostatic element controls the opening and closing of this closed loop. If you have air-conditioning in your room, it is applied to it so that it is essential to our daily life as complementing the wax thermostatic element. So, how does it work? What are the types of it? You will know from the explanation below!

How Does It Work In The System?

How this tool work is important to discuss so that you know the system correctly; hence we should understand first, and you will be satisfied with your choice when you buy it later. First, The closed-loop valve will be affected by the wax thermostatic element. It is expanded and heated when you increase the temperature. When it happens, the closed-loop valve will make the heating process. That is the heating process of the thermal actuator system. How about the cooling process? The cooling process happens when you turn off the process of heating, and suddenly a closed-loop valve will drop and stop the heating process of the room. The room will be cooler and fresher as you want. Furthermore, it is suitable in the summer season.

That is the working procedure of the thermal actuator system. This product is usually applied in underfloor heating, mixed water cooling pump system, temperature control balancing system, and air-conditioning. That’s all about how does thermal actuator system work. You have understood the working system in it. This time to decide, you will check our website and read our brochure to find them an interesting and suitable one for you. 

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Types Of The Thermal Actuator

There are some types of thermal actuator systems that are on the market.

920039PL Thermal Actuator

This type will be matched if you run this product with EN60730. Other specimens require, but EN60730 is the most suitable one for this type.

920003PL Thermal Actuator

The usage of 920003PL Thermal Actuator will be good if you run it with EN60730. For more specifications about this product, you can check our brochure.

920001CC Thermal Actuator

This product also will be suitable for EN60730. It has 3.8 mm of maximum stroke. If we compare, 920039PL thermal actuator and 920003PL Thermal Actuator have 4.0 ± 0.5 mm of the maximum stroke.

920030CC Thermal Actuator

It has the same maximum stroke as 920001CC Thermal Actuator, 3.8 mm. This product will meet and satisfy EN60730 too.

920011CC Thermal Actuator

The voltage of this product is AC24V 110V 230 V. The power consumption is 2V A. The running time is about three to five minutes. It is also suitable for EN60730. 

920002CC Thermal Actuator

This type has the same voltage as the 920011CC Thermal Actuator. The maximum stroke is 3.8 mm. The running time is also the same as the 920011CC Thermal Actuator. It is for about three to five minutes. 

920025CC Thermal Actuator

The power consumption of this product is 2V A. The working temperature is -5 degrees Celcius until 60 degrees Celcius. The cable length is 800 mm.

Temperature Center Controller

As its name, temperature center control is suitable for single-room. It means it is not good if you run this to control double-room. The roles of this product are to avoid too much water pressure, to maintain external pump refraining, and to keep the energy well. 

Those are types of Thermal Actuator systems that we know, just for you. You can get further information by contacting some manufacturers. 

Thermal Actuator System Has Patented Technology

Some thermal actuators are good quality and have patented technology. It means that those products have been tested and have high accuracy and sensitivity. So, it will satisfy you if you choose those good products. 

Finding the Best Manufacturers

Some manufacturers have a customized solution for you who want to buy a thermal actuator system from them. If you are not sure about the tool’s parameters, their engineer team can help you customize it. It includes: supplying the voltage, supplying the spring force, and supplying opening and closing sizes for the valve. 

We hope you can find a manufacturing company with long experience. A company that is well-known as a professional company of wax thermostatic elements and has supplied in many industries, including air conditioning, shipping, plumbing, military, automobile, and so on.