Top bale wrapper brands

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Being a top bale wrapper brand whose name is often mentioned in search engines worldwide is a matter of pride. How these top brands have not only succeeded in selling many units of bale wrapper machines to various regions of the world but have also succeeded in helping to facilitate the work of many people in wrapping the best feed for their livestock.

Hard times in cold winter and extreme summer are easy to overcome because supplies of silage are sufficient. The wrapping process using the machine is also fairly fast and practical. It only takes about an hour to wrap 60 to 120 bales. The wrapping is also supported by reliable plastic film quality so that the top brands’ machines can continue to prosper.

So, what top bale wrapper brands are recognized by the world?

1.     Jummos Silage Round Baler Wrapper Machine

This company, which is headquartered in Qingdao, China, has several bale wrapper products that you can rely on. One of the things that make Jummos one of the top bale wrapper brands is the Round Silage Baler Combi machine.

This machine has the technical features that people need nowadays like full automatic operation, can work in traction operation mode or fixed-site operation mode, can create high bale density even exceeding 700 kg/m3 to ensure good quality of fermentation, and able to provide exclusive fast air to produce unmatched grass quality.

The dimension of this machine is 6000 mm*1900 mm*2400 mm with the total weight reaching 2750 kg where the PTO speed reaches 540 rpm and each bale size is 1000 mm*850 mm. In one hour, this machine can wrap 30 bales.

2.     Top Bale Wrapper Brands: Tosun Individual Bale Wrapper

This is a brand of automatic bale wrapper machine from a Turkish company that can make three types of bales: round, square, and rectangular. This machine uses simple software that will make bale wrapping work easier for those of you who want to make bales near storage locations. Even if you are just starting a small farm in retirement, this machine can be operated using a touch screen with specifications of height 140 cm, width 95 cm, length 95 cm, and weight 460 kg.

Its motor power reaches 5.5 Kw with adjustable lifting time and adjustable needed.

3.     Takakita Top Bale Wrapper Brands Japan

This Japanese company is also included in the list of top bale wrapper brands around the world. This automatic Combi Bale Wrapper machine can produce corn silage and other fermented forages. It combines the features of a round baler for chopped material and in-line bale wrapping so that the wrapping density can be achieved significantly and can save more labor.

The efficiency culture in Japan is very visible in the performance of this machine. The reduced feed due to the wrapping process using this bale wrapper is only one percent.

4.     Fendt Rollector 130 From AGCO GmBH

This German company makes bale wrapper which is very practical for small farms. Beginner breeders who are just starting or old breeders who are just starting to get up after bankruptcy will find it helpful when using products from one of the world’s recognized top bale wrapper brands.

It is an automatic machine as well as a lagging machine which can make a perfect wrapper for 0.90m to 1.30m diameter bales. This machine has a crane device that can be adjusted in height. You will be able to adapt this bale wrapper properly to your tractor. There is also an automatic wrapping table that will adjust the required number of turns and ensure that the plastic is overlapped properly.

So, what is your choice from these top bale wrapper brands? Make sure you choose the best suits you the most.