Underfloor Heating Company Services for Your Comfortable Living

by | Jul 4, 2022 | HVAC

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In the modern world, underfloor heating has become a part of houses. It helps people survive and stay healthy during the hard season. This phenomena also happen in Asia. Where to find the trusted underfloor heating company in Asia? Let’s find out.

Underfloor Heating System

Traditional houses usually use wood stoves to warm up the home. As in the traditional world, the woods are easily found, and the use of stoves is no problem. It is cheap and easy. The side effects are the production of smoke and carbon residues. The residues stick to the wall and roof, creating a black color covered on the surface. The smoke can disturb the human breathing system. The wide use of wood can make the trees decrease and narrow the forests.

The next generation starts to build chimneys to flow the smoke out of the house without annoying the people who live in it or the neighbors. Chimneys are helpful, but it is necessary to be cleaned regularly so that the carbon residues won’t stick and make the flow stuck. It is common in many countries to find chimneys that produce smoke day and night.

The modern world uses an electric heating system to warm up the room. This method does not produce residues and smokes, but it costs high for using electricity.

The other solution is using a water underfloor heating system. The system uses hot water produced from a boiler. The hot water flows through the pipeline arranged under the floor with the help of a pump and a thermal actuator. All of the three components start to work by the temperature arrangement from the room thermostat.

In this system, the heating process will stop when the room temperature reaches the temperature set. This means the boiler and the pump stop working, but the thermal actuator stops slowly. This makes the system lose energy.

Since the temperature set reached, the system has been working in keep-warm mode. In this stage, the thermal actuator and pipeline system are closed. At the same time, the boiler and the pump always start and stop frequently. This makes the tools easily damaged and takes a lot of energy.

This system is widely used, but it has weaknesses in water efficiency, easily damages the boiler and the pump, and it takes much energy.  

Innovation Technology in Underfloor Heating

Underwater heating technology already gives benefits to human life. It will be more helpful to save energy, be more efficient in water use, and keep the system long-lasting.

There is innovation in this field from the underfloor Heating Company. The innovation creates by adding a base station that manages the working of the thermal actuator, the boiler, and the pump. When the room thermostat is set to the temperature wanted, the information is sent to the base station.

The base station will send the information to the thermal actuator first so that it starts to open the pipeline system. One hundred twenty seconds later, the information sends to the boiler and the pump. The boiler and the pump work together so that the hot water will flow to the pipeline system and heat the room. This situation saves 2% of energy.

When the room reaches the temperature set, the boiler, the pump, and the thermal actuator stop working at the same time. This could save 2% energy.

The next stage is to keep warm mode. During the keep, warm mode period, the thermal actuator, the boiler, and the external water pump will not work. This keeps a lot of energy, and it saves 26% energy. This also prevents damage to the boiler and the water pump. It can be expected to be long lasting service.

The Underfloor Heating Installation

The underfloor heating system is useful, especially in the hard season. The problem is that it is not easy to install for ordinary people. The manufacturer of the system should give estimation and technical support services. This will be very helpful for the people who want to apply the system in their house, office, or another project without worrying about their technical knowledge. 

This also helps efficiency in the cost and tools. The underfloor Heating Company could give the before, during, and after installation service to their customer so that the technology will properly apply.