Facts Before Installing the Underfloor Heating Control Panel

by | Apr 21, 2022 | HVAC

Underfloor Heating Control Panel

Underfloor heating is top-rated among people living in cold climates. The main function of this tool is to warm the room safely and practically and can save energy in the long term. This tool is also equipped with an underfloor heating control panel so that its use can be controlled and controlled.

Not only for heating the room as a whole, but this tool also has other benefits. Among other things, preventing clogged drains due to freezing, drying furniture or clothes, and being a comfortable area to stay productive. Are you one of the people who use the underfloor heating control panel in homes and offices?

Apart from having many benefits, underfloor heating also has many facts that smart consumers should know. Here are some facts you should know before installing the system and underfloor heating control panel:

Benefits of Underfloor Heating Control Panel

The control panel of the underfloor heating system is the thermostat. This is a control center whose main function is to maintain a stable temperature or adjust as needed. The use of a thermostat has a good impact on energy consumption because its use will be more economical.

Does Underfloor Heating Work Without a Thermostat?

The underfloor heating system can still work without a control device or thermostat. Only me, its use will be very inconvenient and risky. For example, if you forget to turn off the heating wire for a certain time, the heating cable will catch fire and cause losses. So, even though you have to spend a lot of money at the beginning, the use of a thermostat will be much more practical, comfortable, and energy-efficient.

The Underfloor Heating Control Panel and System Installation Procedure is Not Arbitrary

Installation of the underfloor heating system and control panels should not be arbitrary. In some cases, some areas do not allow underfloor heating installation, for example, in city apartments. This is especially so if the selected underfloor heating system is water-based.

So, you have to be smart in choosing suppliers responsible for providing high-quality devices and systems and can coordinate with those around you. The goal is that underfloor heating and control panels are guaranteed safety. Mainly not detrimental to the people who live around you.

Electric Based Under Floor Heater Is Preferred

There are various types of underfloor heating. Among the popular ones is underfloor heating based on electricity and water. Even so, people prefer underfloor heating systems that are electrically based. The reason is, that this system can adjust room temperature more quickly than water-based ones. The use of thermostats for electricity-based systems is also safer and more comfortable to use.

Pay Attention to the Type of Floor Covering

When you want to install the underfloor heating control panel and its system, you must pay attention to the type of floor covering you want to use because the selection of floor coverings will affect the performance of underfloor heating. This includes the method of attaching the covers so as not to interfere with underfloor heating performance.

Once underfloor heating has been installed, tiles or tiles are ideal for covering. You are not advised to use wooden floors because this material can dry out if exposed to heat. You should also avoid using thick carpets as a cover, as this will prevent heat from spreading under the floor throughout the room.

Do not Install It Under Floor Heater in All Rooms

Installation of the underfloor heating system and control panels must be adjusted according to the needs. It is not recommended that you install them all over the floor of the room. In addition to canceling the warranty, this method will also waste energy. So, install it in a strategic place, for example, in the lounge or the area between the living room and the kitchen.

That is information about six facts that must be known before installing the underfloor heating control panel and its system. The use of underfloor heating and its thermostats must be under procedure so that their purpose and benefits are maximized. You also have to be selective in choosing the right supplier to get high-quality products.

If you want to know more about the underfloor heating system and control system, don’t hesitate to write your questions to our email. You can even get the right recommendations in procuring underfloor heating control panels from experienced and professional suppliers.