Product Comparison, Is Underfloor Heating Expensive?

by | Jun 13, 2022 | HVAC

Is Underfloor Heating Expensive radiator

Many devices have been created so that people can pass the winter comfortably. Some are produced manually, even traditionally. There is also a heating system that is high-tech and has been mass-produced. One of the most recommended space heating products is a device that is installed under the floor. But is underfloor heating expensive?

Economic considerations have always been the main focus of society when they want to apply certain technologies to their daily needs. The question of price estimation for the purchase of underfloor heating products for installation is always big. But everyone, of course, will not reject the benefits of this heating system when it is applied.

So, is underfloor heating expensive? To answer this question, let’s make a comparison with a similarly functioning product. Let’s look at the following description for more information:

Is Underfloor Heating More Expensive than Fireplace?

A fireplace stove is a traditional heating device that anyone can make manually. This tool is usually in the form of a wood-burning container on top of which is equipped with a chimney. For safety reasons, usually, a stove is surrounded by a barrier so that the fire and charcoal don’t go anywhere.

When compared to underfloor heating, how to heat a room with a fireplace is considered more wasteful and troublesome, especially for urban areas that usually have minimal wood fuel with a minimalist type of house.

Is Underfloor Heating More Expensive than Radiators?

The radiator is the next room heating device which is a choice for the community. This is a classic method that can distribute heat, albeit unevenly. Radiators draw high energy, which is up to 70 degrees celsius, while underfloor heating is only less than 29 degrees celsius.

Even so, the radiator has a control device so you can determine the duration of heating. Even so, underfloor heating is considered superior because it is more energy-efficient. Radiators are also not very recommended because they interfere with interior design and take up space. Instead of using a radiator, a narrow room is more recommended to use underfloor heating.

Where to Look for Quality Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating manufacturers are not just one. So, you have to be selective about choosing a high quality, and the price is still affordable. You need to be good at finding first-hand manufacturers who already have a good track record in the business. This means that the company must have years of experience serving customers.

Research and consultation with experienced experts is the key to getting a partner who is ready to provide superior quality underfloor heating. Here are some good criteria to help your searching:

  • Made from selected quality materials so that the durability of its use can reach tens of years.
  • Dynamic installation can be adjusted to all types and sizes of properties.
  • Has gone through the intensive development stage by a team of experts. The product has undergone many modifications to minimize constraints and optimize its function, adjusting to the needs of today’s society.
  • Save up to 30 percent more energy than similar products on the market. Installation and use are also more practical because they can be done by skilled and professional personnel.
  • Own some Quality Assurance certificates like ISO9001, QS9000, European ACS, WRAS, etc. Those certificates show that the company has proven itself to provide a range of high-quality products consistently.
  • The company offers very affordable prices because they are a first-hand manufacturer that already has many loyal customers.