Underfloor Heating from China and UFH System Installation

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Underfloor Heating from China and UHF System Installation

Underfloor Heating from China provides the best deals to meet the needs of components in your home heating system. The underfloor heating system can be applied to various types of floors. The best floors for compatibility with underfloor heating are ceramic tile floor types. Ceramic floors have excellent heat transfer properties. Underfloor heating systems lift heat to the surface quickly.

The type of substructure floor suitable for underfloor heating is a floor made of screed, which completely encloses the pipe and also provides a conductive solid medium for the dispersion and emission of heat that will flow through the pipe. This allows the pipe temperature to be lower. The temperature around the pipe is usually 35 degrees Celsius. This condition will make the UFH or underfloor heating system much more efficient.

Characteristics of Floor with Underfloor Heating System

Stone and wood flooring types are also good choices. There are types of resin floors; although they are not as conductive as ceramic floors, they are still very compatible with underfloor heating. 

However, the type of concrete floor is not very good; you will likely find the condition of the floor to be cooler with concrete than resin or porcelain floors. The types of floors that are least suitable for underfloor heating are all types of floors that have a carpet coating. The fact is, when you have a carpeted floor, you probably don’t need heating anymore.

You only need to get the best heating components from underfloor heating in China. Sturdy floor coverings such as stone floors and tile floors can be the best choice for an underfloor heating system because they will provide good heat output. However, when you prefer solid wood floor types, then you have to make sure your flooring material supplier that the type of wood you will use for the floor can be installed with underfloor heating.

You can use engineered wood planks to solve it. This floor construction tends to be more stable during the process of temperature changes. The most important part of using wood floors is ensuring that the wood can be implemented with underfloor heating (UFH). Make sure that the temperature on the surface is not more than 27 degrees Celsius. High-end types of laminate and vinyl flooring can also be used for UFH or underfloor heating systems.

Underfloor Heating System Installation

The standard underfloor heating system has a depth of 15 cm to 16.5 cm consisting of 10 cm of insulation, a screed section of 5 cm to 6.5 cm which will contain warm water or an electric heating element on the inside, and the last part is the floor covering. You need to consider costs when installing underfloor heating. Quite a lot of costs in the process of re-scratching the floor before installation.

Those of you who want to implement underfloor heating should also consider the UHF component. You can choose underfloor heating from China to make your dreams come true by living in a comfortable home, look for a system that comes with a guarantee for the safety of an underfloor heating system. You may find varying warranty periods on each underfloor heating system component. For example, 25 years for a pipe component, but it could be only two years for a manifold. For your information, the manifold is easier to replace than the pipe, so the longest warranty desired is the pipe section.

Electrical systems under underfloor heating are subject to an extended warranty. In the order of one year, the warranty is for the thermostat. The heating cable can last up to 10 years. When you take insurance into account, make sure that the company that supports the insurance has substance. Online companies offer additional guarantees on underfloor heating systems, but if the company is not around, the warranty will fail. So, you need to carefully consider this insurance support.

Underfloor heating systems can suffer accidental damage. When the damage occurs, each pipe can be pressure tested to find the damage. On wooden floors, the pipe section can be opened so that it can be repaired. On the floor of the screed, it is necessary to do some digging to expose the pipe. When you are in the electrical system, all you have to do is lift the floor coverings and replace the damaged circuit condition.

An underfloor heating system may apply to older homes. However, you need to consider the condition of the floor. You should also remember that concrete floors that have a moisture-resistant membrane can upset the balance of the floor structure. These conditions can cause moisture problems. You should consider UHF control to ensure your home’s comfort, efficiency, and underfloor heating responsiveness.

Underfloor heating takes longer to heat the floor and to cool the floor when compared to radiator heating types. So, to overcome this lag, implementing programmable controls is essential. You can use remote control, so you can turn on the heater before the occupants enter the house. The remote control can also be used to turn off the underfloor heating system.

The designer of the underfloor heating system will design the system by adjusting the output per square meter and the heat requirements of the room. It is based on volume, ventilation, windows, floor covering, and heat loss characteristics from the walls. Many aspects need to be considered in carrying out an installation. You can choose the underfloor heating from China to support the UHF system in your home.