Underfloor Heating Temperature Setting to Get Maximum Work

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Underfloor Heating Temperature Setting

Underfloor heating temperature is the key to a comfortable environment. The right setting helps to keep the comfort long last. Besides, it prevents the heating device from wasting energy. When the temperature level is set to the wrong number, the effectiveness might be a little lost. The afterward effect is that the cost that will make the bill explode. With good control of the heating activity, this can be solved. But, it needs carefulness because it involves the whole component of the heating system. Hence, although not all people are good at mechanics or engineering, a little knowledge on operating this instrument must be known.

Setting the Underfloor Heating Temperature

Every individual might have a different setting on the temperature. It is because the human body’s reaction is varied. Some people could stand in an extreme environment, and some others couldn’t. To make it easier in treating this difference, a standard temperature level is modified. In general, the best number for humans is 21 degrees Celsius.

Different rooms need different temperatures. The above number is for the room that people use for daily activities, whereas bedrooms require cooler air. The underfloor heating temperature can be set at 18 degrees Celsius for this room.

The Mistake in Using An Underfloor Heating System

To activate the instrument, all we need to do is switch the button. But some people assume that setting the temperature so high will make the heat process faster. This is so wrong. Unfortunately, many people believe in this untrusted theory. The right way is to set the thermostat to a certain temperature level or the standard one as mentioned above. This unsuggested way can cause overheating. They are two negative effects of overheating: an uncomfortable environment and wasting so much energy.

The Right Time to Turn the Heating System On

This question might be raised. People go to work in the morning and go home in the evening. It will waste the energy at once the money if the heating instrument keeps on. However, turning on-off is not practical and less efficient. The sophisticated solution for this is to install the thermostat into automatic mode and use a timer to set the time that you usually need the fixture on.

The Location to Put on the Thermostat

The room stat has to be installed in a certain location. It will affect the temperature reading process if it is placed in the wrong area. It must be placed in a spot where the surrounding is open, and the airflow is free. Don’t block the room stat with window-dressing, furniture, and all the solid things. This blockage impedes the temperature balancing process.

And free the surrounding from the other heating source like barbeque burners, stoves, coffee makers, and all the stuff that radiate heat.

Controlling the System

This part is prominent when it comes to the underfloor heating device. The huge wastage lies in this part, a poor control. In choosing the kind of control, you have to look into your habit.

If you spend your time mostly at home, you just need a simple dial type. The warmer will be in the ‘on’ position for a longer time, so you don’t need to modify the schedule.

If you spend your time in the office or outside, the suitable controller is an automatic thermostat. It helps to switch on the device automatically in time. You don’t need to spend your precious time switching the button.

The Tips to Make the Underfloor Heating Temperature Balance

Sometimes, switching on and off the thermostat automatically doesn’t solve the temperature problem fully. When you arrive home, you need to wait a few minutes for the device to work. It is not efficient because there is a time interval where you’ll feel uncomfortable. To make the temperature balance in time, this small research can be done:

  • Remember the coldest air time (usually in the evening). In that time, switch on the device and count the time it needs to reach a comfortable temperature. For example, if the device requires 25 minutes, then set the thermostat to automatically switch on the device 25 minutes before your daily arrival from the office. Once you get home, you don’t need to wait anymore.
  • Now switch off the heating machine. If it needs 25 minutes to cool down, you can switch it off automatically 20 minutes before you go out. When you’re leaving, the device is on its way to cool down.

Those are the tips to make the whole system work well and make the underfloor heating temperature always on a comfortable level.