Uses of Vanilla Beans In Cooking

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Uses of Vanilla Beans In Cooking

Vanilla beans are also called vanilla sticks or vanilla fruit obtained from vanilla trees. The shape is like a bean with a larger size. Vanilla beans must be harvested first. After being harvested, vanilla must go through the process of withering first. After that proceed with the fermentation process, the drying process, and finally the ripening process. The result of the whole process is the long, black vanilla beans. There are many uses of vanilla beans in cooking because it will give an appetizing aroma. Part of the vanilla beans used for cooking is the powder. The location of vanilla powder is on the inside. Then how to get it?

How To Get Vanilla Powder?

The following steps can be taken to get vanilla powder:

  • Divide vanilla beans lengthwise;
  • The part that was successfully slashed open slowly;
  • Take the vanilla powder using a spoon or knife tip;
  • Take all the correct vanilla powder clean;
  • Vanilla powder is ready to use for cooking.

The vanilla powder should be used immediately for cooking so that the resulting aroma is maintained. Vanilla powder is indeed black, but food products or anything is always identified with white. This is actually very contrasted with the actual condition of vanilla beans, which is black.

Uses of Vanilla Beans In Cooking VS Vanillin

Vanillin which is commonly found on the market is an imitation product from vanilla powder. Thus, the price is much cheaper. Also, the aroma of vanillin is much sharper than the original vanilla powder. In fact, due to the overpowering aroma of this vanillin powder, you can sneeze when you inadvertently inhale it. This is different from vanilla powder which has a soft aroma. You can distinguish between food and drinks that use original vanilla powder, there will be black dots in the food or drink. Indeed the price of original vanilla powder is much more expensive and is not easily obtained. Therefore, you can get vanilla beans through which has been a global vanilla beans supplier since 2004. Vanilla beans use in cooking.

Other processed forms of vanilla are vanilla extracts which are clear and liquid. Vanilla extract is obtained from the process of soaking vanilla powder in alcohol for months.

Nutrition In Vanilla Beans

Vanilla beans have many nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Here are some of the nutrients contained in vanilla beans:


Calcium content is good for bone health and is useful for building a good mood.


It is one of the most important minerals for the body that plays an important role in health and metabolism in the body. Magnesium is the main mineral in bones. Another benefit of magnesium is to control blood sugar and blood pressure.


Beneficial for body metabolism, bone health, and enzyme formation.


An aphrodisiac is a substance that can increase hormones in the body related to love and happiness.


It is one of the substances that can be useful for dealing with stress. When the amount of potassium in the body is sufficient, the blood vessels will be more relaxed. So, indirectly can prevent high blood pressure.

Canelé Recipe

One type of food that uses vanilla beans as an important ingredient is Canelé. This food has a distinctive natural vanilla aroma and is added with black spots of vanilla seeds which are spread evenly on the inside of Canelé. The section is often referred to as the inner custard or also called the custardy-interior which is a characteristic of Canelé. The inside is very moist and also milky. Canelé’s authentic recipe uses rum, but when you want to make this food you can also eliminate this alcoholic ingredient. Because the most important ingredient is vanilla beans. Other ingredients used in making Canelé are cinnamon, caramel chocolate, butter, milk, egg yolks, granulated sugar, flour, and beeswax food grade. You can use vanilla beans uses in cooking with a variety of delicious food recipes. Make sure you choose to use the best quality vanilla beans that can be obtained through or fanatagroup with a 100% money-back guarantee.

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