The Long Journey of Vanilla Bean Pods Bulk Up To Customers’ Homes

by | Jan 5, 2020 | Vanilla Beans

The Long Journey of Vanilla Bean Pods Bulk Up To Customers’ Homes

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Where do you usually find vanilla bean pods? Maybe the vanilla bean is in a glass jar and it is submerged in alcohol. In another place, you might see dried vanilla bean pods in a jar of sugar that belongs to your acquaintance. You also see vanilla bean pods on the smartphone screen when you are searching for vanilla plants. You can watch videos or photos that show people with vanilla bean pods bulk they just bought. They also share the stories about their first experience buying vanilla bean pods and recipes they made with vanilla bean.

How Does Vanilla Bean Pods Bulk Reach Your House?

It took a long journey for this green gold to reach your home. Vanilla beans are produced from cultivated plants which are not the same as how to plant crops in general. That is why vanilla bean is referred to as green gold because of its special cultivation and its price is even equivalent to the price of gold. This extraordinary cultivation takes up to 9 months for a single harvest. Even the first time vanilla land is cultivated, it usually takes 2 to 3 years to produce good quality vanilla bean pods.

After the harvest time, vanilla pods must be cured by a long and complicated process. Because vanilla bean pods that have not been cured will have the potential to rot and not emit the identical aroma of vanilla as expected. Dried vanilla is the queen of the vanilla bean business. The dried vanilla bean is classified into a vanilla bean that is too moist, moderately moist, and less moist. All of them can be used to make various vanilla products such as vanilla extract, vanilla essence, vanilla powder, and vanilla bean paste. These products reach your home in the form of very practical to use.  

Vanilla Bean Cultivation

Vanilla planifolia plants can grow well in hot, wet, and balanced rainfall in tropical rainforests. The soil conditions needed are fertile and rich in nutrients. Because vanilla plants have vines when growing, then farmers need other plants that can support the vines so that they can spread upwards. Vanilla plants cannot grow in direct sunlight. Farmers need to provide shade that can help vanilla plants to grow properly.

Fortunately, vanilla plants can be cultivated by cuttings. You can plant cutting in a warm and moist greenhouse. The flowers of vanilla plants that grow in greenhouses take a longer time to bloom than plants that grow in tropical soil outside. The flowers need at least three to four years to bloom.


Vanilla plants will pollinate when flowers bloom. The flowers must be pollinated by hand manually in the morning because the flowers only bloom for a day. Transfer of pollen from an anther to stigma will take place during the pollination process. If pollination doesn’t occur, the flower will fall the next day and the farmers will lose an important moment in one harvest.

Harvest Time

Only adult vanilla plants will produce fruits. This plant is generally more than 10 feet long. The vanilla pods ripen after five months, so this is the harvest time. After that, vanilla bean pods will be cured. Cure it by fermentation and drying process. The process is good to minimize the loss of essential oils.

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Where To Buy Vanilla Bean Pods Bulk?

Many customers like to buy vanilla bean agricultural products in the form of pods bulk. They want to make an authentic dish and perfume creations. The fastest way to get vanilla bean pods bulk is through online stores. You can visit the incredible marketplaces or directly to a website that is well-known for its credibility.

You will find some offers of this 6 to 9 inches pod. Maybe this is vanilla bean pods in a tube, vanilla bean pods bulk in jar or bottle, and wholesale vanilla bean pods. Find the vanilla bean pods bulk you need. The price ranges for the bulk size from 50 dollars to hundreds of dollars.

Since the vanilla bean pods bulk needs a long journey to be on your doorstep, so you must use it wisely.