Vanilla Bean Powder Bulk For Your Sustainable Business

by | Jan 18, 2020 | Vanilla Beans

Vanilla Bean Powder Bulk For Your Sustainable Business

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Vanilla products on the world market are not only vanilla beans, vanilla extract, vanilla essence, and vanilla paste. There are also vanilla beans powder products that are loved by many people because of their practicality. You only need to sprinkle the vanilla powder on the dishes that are ready to be served or the dishes are in the process of cooking. It is not a new thing if many customers are looking for vanilla bean powder bulk for various purposes.

Vanilla Powder

This fragrant and rich powder can be used as a substitute for vanilla beans and vanilla extract. Do you want to drink a coffee and run out of vanilla beans? Just sprinkle the high-quality vanilla powder in your coffee grinder. On another occasion, you might forget to put vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste into your cake dough. Just sprinkle vanilla powder at the end of the cake polish. You will get a fragrant cake with a tempting taste. Buy vanilla bean powder bulk for your supplies at home.

Vanilla powder is made by grinding all dried vanilla seeds into flour. The advantage of using vanilla powder is that it can be added directly to warm liquids and the taste of vanilla will not disappear as is the case with extracts. Make sure the vanilla bean powder you buy is pure, organic, and the real one without any wasted material. You will be satisfied using vanilla powder because it doesn’t take long to absorb, it’s always ready all the time, and kids won’t be bored from waiting too long to enjoy their cakes.

Then, the most important thing is vanilla bean powder bulk is very good for your business sustainability. Selling vanilla bean powder has proven to be more profitable than selling other vanilla bean products.

The Benefits Of Vanilla Bean Powder

When you decide to start selling vanilla bean powder bulk, you have to think about your marketing strategy. What if you started by writing on your website about the benefits of vanilla bean and especially vanilla bean powder. You can also put this information in the packaging of your product later.

Here are some benefits of vanilla bean for our health.

  • Vanilla gives the effect like a sedative. Vanilla bean is very good for the respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive system, nervous system, and excretion system. Vanilla can help to reduce blood pressure, stimulate the brain and nerves calmness so that you can fall asleep, overcome fever, reduce anxiety, allergies, convulsions, and stress.
  • The anti-oxidants of vanilla can neutralize free radicals and protect the body from wear, infection, and even some forms of cancer, such as prostate and large intestine. If too many free radicals settle in the body, it will gradually result in weakened immunity, memory loss, gradual loss of vision and hearing, mental instability, damage to organic and nerve function, and the body becomes susceptible to disease.
  • Vanilla can help activate estrogen hormone that has the main role in your regular menstruation each month. If you have a problem with the menstruation, it is good for you to have vanilla bean powder bulk at home.
  • Vanilla can be used as a natural febrifuge. It contains eugenol and vanillin hydroxybenzaldehyde which can reduce inflammation due to fever. Pour vanilla bean powder to your soup or tea when you’ve got a fever.
  • Vanilla has a function as Aphrodisiac that can stimulate the secretion of testosterone and estrogen hormone. Even the impotence patients can be given vanilla regularly for their treatment.

Use Vanilla Bean Powder Bulk Every Day

The delicious way to use vanilla bean powder is to add this rich powder to various dishes that you usually eat every day. Add the vanilla powder in butter, jam, or maple syrup for your breakfast.

You can also get vanilla sugar without having to dry some vanilla bean pods. Pour vanilla bean powder into your sugar and shake it evenly. You will get the soothing vanilla aroma while stirring the sugar in your hot tea in the afternoon. You can also sell this vanilla sugar to your loveable customers.

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