Searching For Vanilla Bean Supplier In Malaysia 

by | Nov 12, 2019 | Vanilla Beans

           Have you ever known about the most expensive spice in the world? It is saffron which has a high price of 100 million rupiahs per kilogram. This spice is very expensive due to the fairly short harvest. Saffron is widely used in Middle Eastern dishes and in making perfumes. Next, there is vanilla after saffron as the world’s most expensive spice. Vanilla prices can reach 1 million rupiahs per kilogram. 

           We don’t want to talk about saffron or other expensive spices here. In this article, we will discuss vanilla beans, the nutritious and beneficial spice. People could find vanilla beans only in a few regions in the world. These regions such as Madagascar, Mexico, and Tahiti were the biggest supplier to fulfill the demand for vanilla beans. Now, with the increasing demand for vanilla beans, many countries are competing to cultivate vanilla beans. Malaysia also does not want to lose the opportunity to meet the vanilla beans market. The availability of high-quality vanilla beans has made many consumers around the world start looking for vanilla bean supplier in Malaysia

The Vanilla Beans Supplier In Malaysia

           Jerantut, Sabah, and Temerloh are the three most productive vanilla beans producent center in Malaysia. Many farmers take vanilla planifolia seeds from Indonesia. They estimate according to their research that the contours of the two countries are on the Asian continent. This makes the growth of vanilla bean the same. 

           To meet market demand, farmers began to plant vacant land in Temerloh with vanilla seeds. Some rely on information from the internet and popular agriculture books to breed vanilla beans that really need more attention, time, and accuracy. If mishandled at the beginning of work, then the whole process will be disrupted. Farmers would lose money easily. 

There are even so many farmers in Malaysia who have experienced the ups and downs of the vanilla beans business because they mismanaged their starting point. They only know the basic things that cannot be confirmed on the internet. Then, after a long time with so many struggling experiences, these farmers got up and started to find the right way to grow vanilla beans to make a profit. In the end, they succeeded in becoming a vanilla bean supplier in Malaysia.   

Why Is Vanilla Expensive? 

           This question also reaches the vanilla bean supplier in Malaysia. Many consumers from different parts of the world wonder why vanilla in Malaysia is as expensive as the best vanilla in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Tahiti? 

           The process of growing vanilla in Malaysia is also as complicated as in other countries. This makes the price of vanilla expensive and even unaffordable on several occasions. Such as during the rainy season with high rainfall, increased market demand, natural disasters, and incompetence workers. 

           When the flowers bloom in just one day, at the same time the farmers will do the merging process before noon. The next day, the farmers will examine the success rate of this merging process. The harvest process will be very long after the merging process is successful. Eight months is a long enough time to wait for the fruit to be harvested. After harvesting, the fruit will be dried with the help of sunlight for one month. 

The Characteristic Of Malaysian Vanilla Bean

           Vanilla bean in Malaysia is the same as a vanilla bean in Indonesia. This is one type of vanilla bean with a strong physical cross-section. The beans are thick, oily, and supple with an aroma similar to prunes after fermentation. Many cake entrepreneurs contact vanilla bean supplier in Malaysia to order products that best suit their business needs. The aroma of plum is very much needed in boiling the fruit and making the cake dough. 

           So, when will you contact the vanilla bean supplier in Malaysia