The Business Scope Direction Of Vanilla Bean Supplier Indonesia

by | Nov 25, 2019 | Vanilla Beans

Tahitian Planifolia Vanilla bean supplier Indonesia Jakarta Surabaya Malang

Indonesia is the heavenly realm of developing land and business. All the spice business that you do in this archipelago country will bring you abundant profits. One of the fragrant spice business that you must pursue from now on is the vanilla business.

A vanilla bean supplier Indonesia must have sniffed the fragrance of the profits long before he started the business. Even though the vanilla harvest period takes a long time and the flowers can wither every day, the demand for Indonesian vanilla bean increases dynamically. No wonder if we frequently meet a vanilla supplier who promotes vanilla bean from his plantation. This businessman hopes he can meet the market demand while breaking the chain of fraud in the vanilla business. However, this wetlands business is often overshadowed by the presence of middlemen who set unbelievable prices that disrupt the vanilla business.

Why Do People Choose Indonesian Vanilla?

Indonesian vanilla bean taste like a traditional Indonesian-scented wood with a sweet taste. It is very exotic. This is vanilla grade A which is similar to the Tahiti and Tonga varieties. The texture is lovely moist, pliable, and very plump.

The food with this Indonesian vanilla bean grade A is getting richer in taste and scent. Especially if it’s a dessert with chocolate and caramel flavors. This makes many people choose Indonesian vanilla by purchasing it to a credible vanilla bean supplier Indonesia.

The Best Time To Plant Vanilla

When Indonesian vanilla bean is very popular in the world market, so it’s time for you as the businessmen to actively planting and promoting your products. If it is possible, as the vanilla bean supplier Indonesia you have to do the outbound marketing strategy to find many people who have high prospects to become buyers or customers. The classic way, but quite effective considering the intense business competition between fellow suppliers and also the disruption of naughty businessmen in the vanilla business chain.

The outbound marketing strategies you can do are:

  • Advertise or text in newspapers, magazines, blogs, and websites.
  • Contact potential customers.
  • Sending direct mail.
  • Set the billboards at strategic points.

The Labor-Intensive Vanilla Cultivation

One of the proud things for vanilla bean supplier Indonesia occurred around 2007 where Indonesia became the largest vanilla producer in the world. Its total production reached 3,700 tons. It beat Madagascar which was the second-largest producer with a total production of 2,800 tons. However, the declining quality of vanilla and unstable prices dragged Indonesia out of this position.

Planting vanilla is difficult because the process is labor-intensive. Moreover, vanilla is a sensitive plant that needs extra handling. Vanilla is in dire need of human assistance to fertilize. Indonesia does not have Melipona insects which help pollinate vanilla flowers like in their home country of Mexico. The vanilla farmers in Indonesia pollinate manually and intensively. This takes a long time and requires extra energy. However, the good news is that the climate here is perfect for growing vanilla.

The Superior Varieties From Indonesia

The three variants of vanilla that are often cultivated by Indonesian farmers are planifolia, black Tahiti, and pompon. The planifolia occupies the top list as vanilla whose fruit is often taken for sale. The general term for vanilla planifolia that grows on islands in the Indian Ocean is Bourbon. The strong bourbon scent mixed with the balanced taste. We usually find this scent of bourbon in vanilla ice cream and cakes. The vanilla bean supplier Indonesia often sells bourbon in the shape if vanilla bean or liquid vanilla extract.

Curing Process

Many loyal customers praise the products offered by the vanilla bean supplier Indonesia. It all comes from the right way to treat vanilla bean. The post-production process called curing takes up to 1,5 months. This process is similar to the vanilla drying process where the process takes longer than usual to release the optimal scent of vanilla. In addition to a more stable scent, the curing process also makes the texture of vanilla fruit more flexible and not brittle.

So, when will your best time to get involved in this business?