Vanilla Bean Supplier in Indonesia, Planifolia and Tahitensis

by | Mar 26, 2022 | Vanilla Beans

Vanilla Bean Supplier in Indonesia, Planifolia and Tahitensis

Indonesia Vanilla Bean Supplier For Joyful Life

Vanilla is one of the favorite spices used in the world. People use vanilla in many product variations. But the best taste comes from vanilla beans. It will be a solution to know a Vanilla bean supplier that you can trust.

Vanilla In My Ice Cream

Vanilla is the name of a spice that can give overwhelming flavor when it applies to dishes and drinks. Vanilla has been used widely in the world for centuries. Vanilla could use in hot dishes or drinks such as bread or tea. It’s also nice to apply for cold dishes and drinks such as dessert and ice cream. 

Commonly, vanilla is found in the market as a white crystal. The crystal could be applied directly to the dough or batter. Common cook like at home use this type. However, some food industries and restaurants need a higher quality of vanilla. These customers prefer to use vanilla beans to get the pure vanilla flavor; Vanilla bean suppliers help to supply qualified vanilla beans. 

Vanilla Bean, Where It Came From?

There is a lot of orchids, but those that plant to give Vanilla pods are only a few. One of them is V. planifolia. The plant grows like other orchids. The stem is about one centimeter in diameter. It sticks or hands to a tree or other vertical thing to help them reach higher places and the sun. The leaves shape long oval with a smooth green surface. The leaves appear in the right and the left side of the stem in turn. 

Vanilla plant mature after about five years. They produce flowers in groups containing about 5 to 20 petals. The flowers are greenish-yellow that blossom in the morning, and it will die at the day. As the pollination should be helped by humans manually, vanilla farmers are very busy during the blossom season. Pollination does with the help of a small stick in toothpicks size. To make sure the pods grow well, each group should contain only about ten pods. If there are too many pods, the growth won’t be maximum. 

Since the pods grow, the farmer should make sure the nutrition of the tree is enough. It takes time of several months until the pods get the yellowish color. It’s the sign of harvest time. Harvested pods should be taken to the curing area. In this location, the farmer will kill the pods. Then the pods got sweated and dried. All these processes do naturally with the help of the sun. After that, the pods were conditioned and it sorted to groups of shapes. Vanilla sells in grades. 

Vanilla that is ready to use has a dark brown to black color, with an unsmooth surface. The one that applies to batter, dough, or drinks is the seeds. To get the seeds, place the bean on a surface. Prepare a sharp knife and a spoon. Hold one side of the bean, then cut it horizontally so that you get the long similar half bean. Use the spoon to push the seed from one edge, so that you can collect it. Add the seeds to your dishes and drink, then enjoy the flavor. 

Find The Right Supplier

Vanilla in the dishes and drink is a thing. The problem is finding a supplier that serves high-quality vanilla beans at a low price. Many online shops offer vanilla beans, but it’s not easy to find the one with experience and give a guarantee of their products. 

Indonesia Vanilla is a Vanilla bean supplier that has done this field since 1986. This company is located in Indonesia, but we are available to serve customers from all over the world. We offer the best quality vanilla with any product variation. Indonesia Vanilla offers a low price because we are a farmer. As you know, the distribution link could make end users get high prices. We solve that problem because we are a farmer that sells our products. We also give a 100% money-back guarantee for the customer because satisfaction is the deal. For more information about our products, shipping, and anything you need to know about vanilla, please contact us at the number below. 

Enjoy dishes and drinks with vanilla flavor that will give you joy in your day. Be sure to find the best quality vanilla from the expert.