Chasing For Vanilla Bean Suppliers Australia

by | Nov 13, 2019 | Vanilla Beans

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Marina Oliphant, a photographer who often shoots Melbourne’s food, fashion, and lifestyle, once stated that growing vanilla beans is known to be very labor-intensive. Her opinion is certainly based on reality in the field and data she grabbed. Moreover, Marina has a lot to do in Melbourne, where many vanilla bean suppliers Australia come from here.

This is one thing that we should know why vanilla bean is high in price. The price increase from time to time. Especially if the weather is unfriendly to the vanilla farmers. This will certainly affect the vanilla bean suppliers Australia sooner or later.

What Is Labor-Intensive?

Labor-intensive in vanilla cultivation can be interpreted as an unusual treatment of plants in general to produce fresh pods and fleshy beans.

Every plant needs to be pollinated by hand that means it will take a very long time for this pollination process. Imagine if there is 1 hectare of vanilla land and you have only 5 to 10 trained farmers. How much time will it take? Farmers who pollinate must be trained well so that the vanilla becomes a superior product that is ready to compete in the global market.

Vanilla is derived from an orchid plant in its origin place, Mexico. In Mexico, the pollination carried out by native Mexican bees. Farmers outside Mexico, especially in the Northern Territory and North Queensland Australia usually use toothpicks in this pollination process.

The Best Place To Grow Vanilla

As we know that Australia can produce its vanillas when growing them at suitable places like Northern Queensland and North Territory. These regions have conditions that can meet as the best place to grow vanilla.

Vanilla can grow well in the region for several reasons such as:

  • The climate is hot and humid
  • The suitable temperature
  • The soil is light and crumbly
  • The low intensity of strong winds
  • Abundant topsoil
  • Adequate drainage
  • No pests attack vanilla such as fusarium, anthrax, and fungus found here

No wonder if Australia is now also looked at by buyers from all over the world for its superior vanilla bean. Many vanilla bean suppliers Australia are overwhelmed by demands coming from inside and outside Australia.

Many vanilla bean suppliers Australia are overwhelmed by demands coming from inside and outside Australia.

Obstacle For Vanilla Bean Suppliers Australia

The vanilla business in Australia is not always smooth. Many obstacles can be faced by farmers and suppliers here. Among the obstacles, they face such as:

  • The demand increases when supply is running low.
  • Excessively high rainfall causes the vanilla bean drying process to take a long time.
  • The drought that might hit Australia over a long period.
  • Vanilla seeds from Madagascar are in bad condition due to the weather.
  • Blocking export supply of vanilla seeds from Madagascar.
  • A rush of strong winds.
  • The workers have vanilla poisoning due to contact with latex juice when the plant is still green. This can cause swollen skin, fever, headaches, and intestinal disorders.

Get Around The Shortage Of Vanilla Bean Supplies

However, Australian farmers and suppliers remain enthusiastic about overcoming vanilla bean supply shortages amid increasing demand. Farmers will carry out cuttings on vanilla plants so that they can bear fruit quickly as follows:

  • Take two or three leaves from the bottom stem of a healthy plant.
  • Attach the mulch to the leaves.
  • Then, attach a strong small tree trunk to that cutting.
  • Tie the stem to the support until the roots get stronger.
  • Place the soil mixture in a pot.
  • Water the plant regularly but don’t overdo it.

The vanilla bean suppliers Australia also do some things to meet the demands of consumers such as:

  • Packaging vanilla beans when ordered to anticipate damage due to long in the package.
  • Do not fulfill bulk orders in the shortage period.
  • Making adorable packaging to attract customers’ desires.
  • Packaging vanilla beans in various sizes such as the size of 50 grams and 100 grams with prices ranging from 90 to 200 dollars.

Despite many obstacles, but there are always many ways we can do to overcome them. As this is a lucrative business. So, when will you join as a supplier?