Storytelling Marketing Strategy Of Vanilla Bean Suppliers Melbourne

by | Nov 23, 2019 | Vanilla Beans

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Vanilla is a classic spice with fantastic prices. Who doesn’t like vanilla? Spices with a soothing scent, soft powder, and nutritious. Vanilla has been always sought after by people. The vanilla hunters come from vanilla ice cream lovers, vanilla-flavored food connoisseurs, healthy lifestyle enthusiasts, and vanilla businessmen. Even though only a small amount in the food we consume, vanilla can bring joy in our daily life. No wonder businessmen like vanilla bean suppliers Melbourne are persistent in promoting their superior products.

The Sharp Hike in The Price of Vanilla Bean

All vanilla hunters know that vanilla prices can soar for some time. This makes them worry. Even so, vanilla connoisseurs will always crowd around vanilla-based food sellers and other health products.

Vanilla rises in price for several factors such as:

  • The extreme weather that hit some vanilla producing countries. high rainfall causes vanilla production to decline while market demand rises dynamically. This also makes vanilla bean suppliers Melbourne feel anxious. Then, they get around by selling smaller size of vanilla beans so that the price still affordable to consumers.
  • The deceitfulness occurred at several distribution points. Some raise vanilla prices carelessly. They are usually middlemen or rogue suppliers who want big profits quickly.
  • The massive demand for large-scale multinational companies. This causes uneven distribution of vanilla beans. Some suppliers often have difficulty in fulfilling the demands of their customers. Most of them are small traders.

Storytelling Marketing

There is always a sweet escape that vanilla businessmen can do in the midst of vanilla price increases. One of them is doing a marketing strategy that can win the hearts of vanilla hunters. The storytelling marketing is the most effective method in the digital marketing world today.

It is like the story of an immigrant from Papua New Guinea who brought vanilla seeds from her hometown to Australia. She sells vanilla beans through online media. It could be wisely said that she one of the vanilla bean suppliers Melbourne who succeed to sell PNG vanilla beans with storytelling marketing. Her struggle to raise her four children as Papua New Guinea asylum seekers, a volunteer worker, build a business from zero to hero. She writes it all down on her vanilla bean sales website.

This can be an inspiration for all vanilla bean suppliers Melbourne to increase sales of their products.

Differentiate The Vanilla Products

Have you ever heard of vanillin? Vanillin is a natural identical flavor that is commonly used in various types of snacks, cookies, candy, chocolate, milk, and others. For most food industries, vanillin flavor is very identical to natural vanillin. This makes many consumers get more interested in purchasing vanillin flavor than vanilla beans because the price is much more affordable.

Unfortunately, we cannot get the benefit from origin vanilla at a very low price of this vanillin. Vanilla should have a calming effect on the mind, relieve stress, beautify the skin and hair. As the vanilla bean suppliers Melbourne, you have to convince your customers that the vanilla you sell is the origin and can give a positive effect on the body.

Then, how to distinguish the vanilla products on the market? The vanilla products in the world include:

  • Vanilla pod. This is a dried vanilla fruit that has oily sand texture. You can take 1 vanilla pod to give the scent of 500 grams cake dough.
  • Vanilla extract. This is a liquid shape of vanilla beans. The dried vanilla is soaked in water and alcohol to produce the vanilla extract. One teaspoon of vanilla extract is enough to give the scent of 500 grams cake dough.
  • Vanilla essence. It has no taste at all. Just the scent from this artificial vanilla extract. However, many cake industries use the vanilla essence for their products.
  • Vanilla paste. This is how the vanilla extract meets the vanilla seeds. Some factories add corn into their paste.

When you do strategy marketing, it is good for you to choose the best strategy which is easily captured by all kinds of customers, affordable, and loveable. The storytelling marketing now is the best way in digital marketing. Your vanilla beans will be more fun to be recognized to people.