Vanilla Beans Bulk Grade A For Your Mouth-Watering Sweets

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Vanilla Beans

Vanilla Beans Bulk Grade A For Your Mouth-Watering Sweets

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You may have found fabrics such as cotton or wools of a certain grade, haven’t you? Grade A is premium or super quality. This super quality is very soft, comfortable to wear, and not easy to tangle. While, Grade B is an ordinary quality in which texture is slightly rough, easy to tangle, and less comfortable to wear. In the world of vanilla bean, we also find the grades. There are Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C. all of these grades represent quality according to the types of vanilla beans themselves. For instance, vanilla beans Grade A, are widely used by people for baking sprinkle and vanilla extract because they can be used as soon as after being shredded from the beans. We often meet people who buy vanilla beans bulk Grade A for stock and resale.

Vanilla Beans Grade

Just like the grade selection of fabric or leather bag products, natural vanilla beans also have grades. This grade also classified based on appearance and moisture content. There are also vanilla bean vendors who classify the grades based on the difficulty in obtaining certain types of vanilla beans. For those of you who are the first time to touch vanilla beans, maybe get confused when facing grades in the world market.

However, there is one obvious grip that vanilla beans are classified by grade A, grade B, and sometimes grade C.

Grade A

Vanilla bean grade A is also known as prime grade or gourmet grade. Vanilla beans look moist and oily with the water content reaches 35 percent. This vanilla is often used as the main ingredient in gourmet cuisine because of its moisture. Gourmet cuisine must carry the impression of luxury, elegant, and attractive. You can imagine how this vanilla bean has to compete with caviar, foie grass, and saffron which are frequently used as the main ingredients in gourmet cuisine. These vanilla beans usually present in saffron sauce or vanilla bean frosting which is served in a Michelin star restaurant.

No wonder if the top chefs prefer grade A vanilla beans in their cooking because of the high water content. This makes the vanilla taste seep into the dish quickly. The cooking process becomes shorter. The professional chefs will always buy vanilla beans bulk grade A for their inventory besides the supplies for the restaurant.

One pound of gourmet vanilla beans equals 100 seeds. People will wake vanilla extract using vanilla beans grade A if they cannot find vanilla beans grade B around them.

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Where To Get Vanilla Beans Bulk Grade A?

You can get vanilla beans Grade A from online stores. They sell this precious bean through the website and social media. They also can give you certain safe packaging and legal shipping. Sometimes they put the address of the factory where you can purchase vanilla beans directly. It would be good if the factory is near you. So, you can see and touch vanilla beans bulk grade A that you order up close.

If you don’t have time and the factory is out of reach, just make an online purchase. Find a trusted online store through Amazon.

Vanilla Bean Storage

Vanilla beans can get so bad like moldy and rotten when you store them in bad storage. Make sure you store vanilla beans in a dry place so it is not easy to mold.

When your vanilla beans bulk grade A arrives, maybe your vanilla beans are packed in vacuum-sealed packaging from the sender. Use the vanilla beans wisely and leave the rest in a state like when it arrived at your place. You can keep it for only 6 months.

You can save the vanilla beans that have been opened by:

  1. Wrap the beans in plastic wrap or wax paper.
  2. Put them to an airtight container or a resealable bag. You can also use a glass or plastic jar.
  3. Place the container in the dark and cold place, but it is not a refrigerator or freezer. Put it away from the heat sources like under a ladder or kitchen that cannot be reached by kids.
  4. The jar should not be open as long as the vanilla beans inside it can be used. A broken glass jar will damage the rest of the vanilla beans.