Fingering The Vanilla Beans Bulk Wholesale Business

by | Jan 14, 2020 | Vanilla Beans

Fingering The Vanilla Beans Bulk Wholesale Business

tahitian Vanilla bean supply sale in bulk

Do you want to hold a party? Want to make your cake for your party? And vanilla is needed in the cake making to add a delicious and sweet taste. Why don’t you buy vanilla beans bulk wholesale? After the party is over and some of the vanilla beans are left, you can still give them to people as souvenirs or even sell them on your social media.

Now vanilla has become part of the world’s most expensive spice family. Vanilla comes after saffron, followed by turmeric, cherry seeds, long peppercorns, black cumin, kaffir lime leaves, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and pepper. People will not miss drinking coffee without a vanilla bean in their cup. As well as dessert with a sprinkling of vanilla powder in the cream sauce. Don’t be surprised if people start investing by purchasing vanilla beans bulk wholesale. They will sell it back to the small traders, home vanilla connoisseurs, and to several shops or restaurants that urgently needed vanilla beans.

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One-Stop Shopping Vanilla Beans Bulk Wholesale

When you have decided to sell expensive seasoning products such as vanilla, then you have to work hard to become a top-class vanilla beans businessman. The number of vanilla enthusiasts at this time has even exceeded two world continents. Their desire for vanilla is unstoppable. They use vanilla for various purposes such as sold at grocery stores or their pastry shop, as ingredients for baking cakes, for making vanilla extract, as ingredients for making perfumes, as herbal health therapies and certain diseases, and many more.

Build a one-stop shopping store for vanilla beans bulk wholesale. You will sell a variety of vanilla products. No matter if it’s vanilla powder, vanilla oil, extract vanilla, vanilla beans, to the best vanilla seeds where the buyers can calmly plant their vanilla. If you don’t have enough funds to build a real store, why don’t you open an online store? It doesn’t need much money.

The Vanilla Products You Sell

Then, what vanilla products can you sell at your one-stop shopping store? It can be anything. All products you sell must have natural conditions, the best quality, according to what you said in the ad, and it will be shipped safely.

All of your products are sold in kilos or liters. You can offer discounts to your loyal customers for certain purchase quantities. For instance, you give one kilogram of grade A Papua New Guinea vanilla beans free for the purchase of five kilograms of Tahitian vanilla beans. This thing will attract many buyers to come and order to your store. Don’t forget to promote your online or offline store through social media, pop up advertisements on websites, and video promotions on Youtube. If you have special funds, you can place your vanilla beans bulk wholesale advertisements on roadside billboards or outdoor LED display advertisements.

Fight For Your Competitor

When you do the vanilla business, you may find many competitors who also sell vanilla beans bulk wholesale in cyberspace. Do not be afraid to face this business competition. You just have to prepare yourself for a real fight in this vanilla business.

There are several things you can do to win the competition. If you do not win, at least you must successfully maintain loyal customers so that they can’t move to another seller.

  1. Even though you already have loyal customers, you can’t stop doing promotions. Always provide special funds for this promotion.
  2. The most effective promotion today is through digital media. Make a promotional video that close to daily life. For example, you can make a short video about the use of vanilla in dealing with hair loss. Make this an interesting video with a touch of comedy and the romantic situation between the players. Remember, the engagement with the customers come first in this business competition.
  3. Be a good listener to your customers. Maybe they often convey the complaints about the shipment of vanilla beans bulk wholesale.