Vanilla Beans Come From Orchids

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Vanilla Beans Come From Orchids

Vanilla beans come from orchids. The vanilla plant is one of the spice plants which is usually used for additional ingredients when cooking. Take a peek at the full explanation here.

Vanilla beans produce fruit that has a very high economic value. This resulted in many farmers cultivating it. Vanilla beans come from orchids that have many types. However, the most widely cultivated type is vanilla planifolia. Having a strong aroma makes planifolia excellent for all types of vanilla plants.

About Vanilla Plants

As you well know, vanilla beans come from orchids. Therefore, the structure of plants resembles orchids in general. It has fibrous roots, is not a woody plant, and has a long fruit similar to a banana but is small and slim in size. The advantage of vanilla plants is that they have a distinctive aroma but are not possessed by the usual types of orchids. Another special thing about vanilla plants is that they require an intermediary to help pollinate so that they produce fruit that is an additional ingredient in cooking.

Vanilla plants also have many well-known types. Types that are well-known in the community are vanilla tahitensis, vanilla planifolia, vanilla pompana, and vanilla garneri. Many farmers in Indonesia cultivate vanilla with the type of vanilla planifolia. Like farmers from Indonesia vanilla, which cultivates vanilla planifolia and tahitensis. The products produced are then sold through our website, the lowest price from the market price because it is directly supplied by farmers.

Vanilla plants from Indonesian vanilla farmers produce the highest quality fruit. It can be seen from the size, texture, and aroma of vanilla fruit. Vanilla nuts have the shape of peas and have green flesh. If the fruit ripens, the color will turn dark green, and there will be a yellow line. This type of planifolia has a very high vanillin content if treated properly.

Where Vanilla Live?

Vanilla beans come from orchids that live in moist conditions. Usually, it will be very suitable if living in an area with a tropical climate. Areas with warm temperatures are also one of the requirements for vanilla to live. With a height of 400-600 m above sea level, vanilla will flourish. On the other side, having to be in a damp area, vanilla must be watered frequently. Because if water intake is lacking, vanilla will result in crop failure.

If it is not possible to flush regularly, vanilla can get water from dew, raindrops, and even water vapor in the air. Besides needing a damp area, vanilla only needs a little indirect sunlight. Vanilla plants propagate on other trees, like orchids in general. Also, under the shade, both other trees, so they are not exposed to direct sunlight.

Vanilla Bean Plantations In Indonesia

Indonesia vanilla has production land spread across Indonesia. Among other things, on the islands of Sulawesi, Lombok, and Java. Planting sites are at a height that is to the living conditions of vanilla. Thus, Indonesian vanilla farmers produce vanilla fruit that is superior in quality. In the sales process, Indonesia vanilla provides the lowest price from the market price.

Actually, at first, vanilla beans came from Mexico. In its home country, vanilla is used as a refresher on chocolate drinks. As time goes by, vanilla spreads to all countries in the world, including in it Indonesia. Initially, vanilla beans were only planted in Bogor botanical garden to add to the collection of plants in the botanical garden. However, then vanilla spread to various regions in Indonesia, especially areas where Indonesian vanilla farmers planted vanilla plants. The better the quality of vanilla beans produced, encouraging Indonesia to export vanilla to various countries. More than 30 countries have ordered vanilla beans from Indonesia vanilla.

After listening to the explanation that vanilla beans come from orchids, of course, you don’t have to ask more about that. If you have the desire to buy vanilla beans, make sure you choose Indonesia vanilla because they are direct farmers who supply vanilla beans to buyers. The products offered also have the best quality. There are also other reasons why you have to choose Indonesia vanilla, which gives a 100% money-back guarantee if the product is wrong. You can also exchange vanilla beans that are not what you want, including shipping costs.