Besides Vanilla Beans For Baking, What Else Can You Do?

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Vanilla Beans For Baking, Cooking, drinks

Vanilla is one of the most popular types of flavors and aromas in the culinary and cosmetic world. Its use is dynamic, including Vanilla beans for baking. Vanilla beans can be obtained naturally and can also be from synthetic ingredients. For business people who care about the quality of ingredients, vanilla from natural ingredients will be prioritized over those from chemicals.

Although the price is higher than synthetic vanilla, original vanilla beans never lose a fan. Its existence is hunted for the needs of the premium market, where consumers are targeting the upper-middle class. Everyone might also be familiar with vanilla beans for baking, but what else can it do?

The use and processing of vanilla beans seem to be very dynamic for various needs. But in general, all refer to one thing in common, namely to take the aroma, taste, and usefulness that seems good for body health.

Information about the processing and use of vanilla beans for baking and other uses will be interesting for business people who focus on processing this raw material. For further explanation, let’s look at the following description:

Vanilla Beans Original

Before we go too far about the information processing of vanilla beans, let’s start with the basics, which examine the basic form of vanilla beans. Please note that vanilla beans come from an orchid plant called vanilla. The shape of the fruit resembles long beans, and it’s just that its size is bigger. Inside the vanilla pods, there are small, dark black seeds. These pods and seeds are often processed into various forms to be used for their aroma and taste.

How to use it is also simple. To get the aroma and taste, you only need to take the seeds from the pods. First, take the vanilla fruit, then split it in half lengthwise. Dredge the seeds from the skin to be mixed with any food or material as needed. Vanilla beans for baking can also be done directly from the fruit for the drying process.

Vanilla Extract

In addition to vanilla beans for baking, you can also extract them so that they are ready to use oil. How to make vanilla extract is quite easy. You only need to soak the vanilla beans that have been dried with vegetable glycerin. The immersion process can be carried out in a tightly closed glass cup in a period of about three to four months.

After four months, vanilla extract will be absorbed into the glycerin liquid so that the liquid will turn dark brown. Vanilla extract can be used for a variety of needs, including making a variety of culinary and cosmetics. The use of vanilla extract is considered more practical and efficient than using raw vanilla beans.

Vanilla Powder

The use of vanilla beans can also be practical when it is made into powder. You only need to take the vanilla beans from the pods, then mash them to make powder. Previously, vanilla beans had to undergo a drying process with certain techniques so that the water content was very minimal.

There are also vanilla products in powder form, which are synthetic and white. That is, the product does not originate from original vanilla beans but is mass-produced through a certain common process. Synthetic vanilla powder is widely marketed at low prices and is in high demand by lower-middle-class consumers. Although synthetic vanilla can produce a vanilla scent, it still cannot compete with the quality and superiority of natural vanilla powder.

In addition to the three products mentioned above, vanilla can also be processed into sugar when mixed with natural and artificial sweeteners. After reading the above description, it has been answered that Vanilla beans for baking are not the only way of processing, but many things can be processed from vanilla beans so that their use is more practical.

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