Vanilla Beans For Making Extract

by | Apr 30, 2022 | Vanilla Beans

Vanilla Beans For Making Extract Planifolia tahitian

Steps To Make Vanilla Bean Extract

Information about vanilla beans for making extract is always sought after by entrepreneurs, especially in the culinary and cosmetic fields. But housewives and all walks of life may also need information regarding making vanilla extract for various specific needs. In addition to enriching insights, this information is also important to support efficient business travel.

Various ways can be taken to get vanilla beans to extract. Some choose a manual way that is making their own, while others look for suppliers that provide a certain amount of vanilla extract. However you go, let’s start with the basics, which are Vanilla beans for making extract independently.

Knowledge of homemade vanilla beans will make you more observant to see vanilla beans extracts that are pure and which have been mixed with certain ingredients. You are also expected to be a smart buyer when you have to shop for vanilla bean extract in large quantities from suppliers.

Here is information about Vanilla beans for making extract that you should pay attention to:

1. Pay Attention To The General Characteristics Of Vanilla Beans Extract

Vanilla beans for limited needs can be found at the nearest cake shop. Usually, people buy at that place to make various vanilla cakes. At first glance, the liquid form is like honey. The general characteristic of vanilla bean extract is a brownish liquid. The liquid comes from vanilla pods which are processed by certain methods.

Many advantages can be obtained when you use vanilla extract for food and cosmetic needs. Rather than synthetic vanilla, vanilla extract does not give a bitter taste when mixed with other ingredients. It is precisely the taste and aroma of vanilla that will feel natural and provide good benefits for health.

2. Materials Required In Making Vanilla Extract

Many tools and ingredients must be prepared when you want to make vanilla beans extract manually. The main ingredient is vanilla pods. The more vanilla beans you have, the more liquid vanilla extract liquid you will get. In comparison, four stems of vanilla beans will produce about 250 ml of vanilla extract.

3. Variety Of Fluids For Extracting Vanilla Beans

Vanilla bean extract is usually obtained by soaking vanilla beans in alcoholic drinks such as vodka. But for some people who are prohibited from consuming all foods and drinks that contain alcohol, of course, there are other ways to make the extract.

The intended method is to soak vanilla pods into vegetable glycerin. You can get this liquid at many chemical stores or buy it online through the marketplace. Make sure that the vegetable glycerin that you buy is devoted to food.

4. ProceduresFor Making Vanilla Extract

The fine black seeds found in vanilla pods are sticky. So, when you want to extract vanilla beans, make sure you carefully slice the pieces so that the seeds inside are not wasted. Keeping the beans intact will make the vanilla aroma more optimal when it is being processed into vanilla extract.

After the pods have been sliced, prepare a glass bottle filled with glycerin and then soak vanilla beans in it. You don’t need to separate the pods from the seeds, just put them all in liquid, then cover. Shake it for a few moments, then keep the glass bottle in the dark, cool place. Avoid storing vanilla extract liquid in the refrigerator because the infusion process will not work properly.

Furthermore, storage must be carried out for three to four months with shaking that can be done at any time. After four months, you will see the glycerin liquid turn dark brown. This means the vanilla seeds have been infused into the liquid to the fullest.

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