Vanilla Beans History And The Products

by | Apr 14, 2022 | Vanilla Beans

Vanilla Beans History And The Products

Vanilla is a type of flavor with sweet scents. It grows in clusters of scented flowers. In Spanish, it is called “Vainilla” or we know as vanilla. Vanilla comes from the aged and fully ripe fruit. It comes from a pod of a climbing vine in a tropical area. As we know, it usually grows with long fleshy green stems. Its pods are grown from the yellow and orange flowers in bunches form. Periodically, it two months, they bloom once a day.

It is spread around the world and widely used in baking and cooking, even in dessert and ice creams. Further, it is also used as its sweet fragrance in some home treatment products such as soaps and perfumes. It also has advantages for a healthy system, such as reducing stress, reducing acne, and wound healing. People know and use it regularly because it comes with many benefits, but how about the vanilla beans history? Below we have summarized that history, the products of vanilla beans as well.

The Highlight Of Vanilla Beans History

We come to the history of vanilla beans. Where historically, it was invented by the Totonaca tribe. They mostly lived in southeastern Mexico, especially in a place called Vera Cruz. Some resources noted when the Aztecs conquered the Totonaca tribe in the case of vanilla beans. At that time, they argued for vanilla as the goddess food. The history of vanilla beans continued in 1518, The Spanish met Emperor Montezuma, and they decided to hunt the great treasures. 

While on their journey, they tried a drink of cacao flavored with vanilla. The ways they loved the taste of vanilla motivated them to take some bags of cacao and vanilla beans to Spain. These two resources were getting so popular in Spain. Later, they are easy to find in some restaurants. Some dishes used it to get a stronger taste and develop variations. 

Mexico was the greatest producer of vanilla beans in the 19th century. The history of vanilla beans continued in the early 1800s in French. The vanilla is cultivated in King’s garden in Saint-Denis. They are named Bourbon Vanilla, or it is known as Vanilla Planifolia. Although they are successfully planted, unfortunately, they are failed to grow. There are no pods since they can be pollinated without the native small be like in Mexico.              

The artificial pollination of the vanilla flowers was successfully noted in 1837 by the Belgian botanist. Later, the French is also successful in doing the artificial pollination of vanilla beans flowers. La Réunion Island is the place with the unsuccessful trial of artificial pollination. One of the great inventions on vanilla beans history is the technique of manual pollination by Edmond Albius in 1841. 

The history continued the distribution of vanilla beans to the other islands, such as Madagascar, Comoro, and Santa Maria. Successful cultivation and development of vanilla beans were also reached by Indonesia and Tahiti. These countries can keep their plantations and produce vanilla beans independently. 

The vanilla beans history is always interesting to know. The successful and unsuccessful process is dominated by the long journey of vanilla. In the early 20th century, Madagascar becomes the first position of vanilla beans production and trading. This country holds control of the vanilla beans’ market in the world. History noted those countries’ achievements in the vanilla beans market. We know that Madagascar, Comoro, and Reunion were successful in producing 80% of the world’s vanilla needs. On the other hand, some countries, such as India and Tahiti produce 20% of vanilla beans in the world. But, Mexico is the country with less production. It only fulfills the domestic supply.

Vanilla Bean Products

Vanilla is one of the most expensive flavors besides saffron and cardamom. Its fermented fruit, on average, has only one to three percent vanillin. It contains water, sugars, fat, cellulose, and minerals, too.

Besides vanilla beans history, below are some listed products of vanilla beans.

  1. Natural vanilla flavor
  2. Vanilla or vanillin
  3. Vanilla powder
  4. The imitation vanilla

Vanilla is spread into the world as we can enjoy the flavor of vanilla wherever we go, such as in ice cream, cakes, pudding, and other dishes. Get the real taste of vanilla beans fresh from the farm. We also give a 100% money-back guarantee, so contact us now and enjoy the delicious vanilla beans.