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Characteristics And Pollination Of Vanilla Blossom Flowers, Distribution Of Vanilla Beans in The USA

Vanilla Beans in The USA supplier

Vanilla is a member of an orchid family with an extensive conglomeration of around twenty-five thousand different species. Vanilla was first processed by people in Mexico; namely, the Aztecs obtained vanilla when they conquered Totonac in the 15th century. Until now, vanilla has been widely used as a food ingredient, drink, and sometimes it is also used for perfume aroma. Vanilla does have a fairly high price. However, you can get vanilla at affordable prices by visiting Why is the price so low? Because Indonesiavanilla is a direct farmer, so the price offered is cheaper but of the best quality. Also, it has been known as a global vanilla beans supplier since 1986. Vanilla is indeed a popular spice. You can choose the different types of vanilla you want. You can also get vanilla beans in the USA.

Characteristics Of Vanilla Beans

Vanilla is a climbing vine that can reach 300 feet in length. The original habitat of vanilla is in Mexico, which for its growth is pollinated by Melipona bees. Each flower of vanilla beans remains open for only 24 hours. After that, if the flowers from vanilla beans are not pollinated, they will wither and then die and fall to the ground. However, if vanilla bean flower pollination is successful, the “beans” will develop as pods 6 to 10 inches long. In this pod, there will be thousands of tiny black seeds. Appealing vanilla bean specks to use in top-quality vanilla ice cream. This vanilla transplant is possible for tropical areas. In the past, in 1841, bees that helped pollinate vanilla flowers became scarce. 

Then, a 12-year-old boy named on Réunion Island, Indian Ocean, found a way to pollinate vanilla blooms using a stick and thumb. As it turns out, this simple technique has broad implications for vanilla plants. Then, vanilla plantations began to appear all over the world, found in Madagascar to India, even in Tahiti and Indonesia. Currently, about 75 percent of the world’s vanilla supply comes from Madagascar and Réunion Island. You can get vanilla from these places, and you can even get USA vanilla beans.

Harvested Vanilla seeds will look like long beans. In this harvesting process, the vanilla must be picked one by one. Once harvested, vanilla will go through a long process until it is ready to be distributed. Vanilla can be purchased as real vanilla beans, vanilla extract, or in other forms. The result of this vanilla plant is black pods that are desiccated, yet aromatic. This final form is what the spice supplier is ready to sell. You can get vanilla beans in the USA and from other suppliers. The time it takes for vanilla pods to ripen is about nine months. Vanilla production worldwide is in the 2,000 metric ton. Many use vanilla as a cooking ingredient, as a flavor in ice cream, and various other drinks that smell like vanilla.

Synthetic Vanilla

Vanilla is a complex and delicate spice containing about 250 – 500 different flavor and aroma components. The most prominent component of which is vanillin, namely 4-hydroxy-3-methoxy benzaldehyde, a component that is relatively easy to synthesize. Vanillin can be made from petrochemicals as well as lignin, a byproduct of the pulp and paper industry. Vanillin can also be made from eugenol, which is a component of clove oil. This synthetic vanillin is much cheaper than real vanilla. The price of synthetic vanillin is two times cheaper. This makes vanillin can be produced and sold up to 20,000 metric tons each year. 

So, whether you are enjoying something scented with vanilla or sniffing out the aroma of vanilla, chances are you are enjoying synthetic vanilla instead of natural vanilla. However, the taste and aroma produced by real vanilla will still be different. You can get real vanilla, vanilla beans in the USA.

The use of vanilla for food can be done by adding vanilla extract. Another method that can be used is to cook vanilla pods so that supplies are obtained in liquid form. A stronger vanilla aroma can be obtained when the vanilla pods split in half and expose a large number of pods to the surface area of ​​the liquid. Vanilla pod seeds will be mixed into the preparation. Natural vanilla will give brown and sometimes yellow tones for preparation, depending on the concentration. Genuine and good-quality vanilla has a strong aromatic aroma. However, synthetic vanillin or vanilla-like flavorings are much more common. It is unfortunate. Because it will also affect the flavor of the food served. You should use real vanilla for a unique aroma and taste. You can buy vanilla beans in the USA.