The Tasty Vanilla Beans In Vodka

by | May 6, 2022 | Vanilla Beans

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We know the different varieties of vanilla beans. But, there are three main types called Madagascar, Tahitian, and Mexican vanilla beans. However, we also recognized other types of vanilla beans, Indonesian vanilla beans. Some of us are addicted to the taste of vanilla beans. Moreover, we are interested in creating the creation of the dish using the tasty vanilla. Besides, the vanilla beans you used are so varied with their kinds and grades with their unique taste and usages. You might try to infuse the vanilla flavors into the vodka. This kind of beverage is gaining popularity these years. This is served from the simple to the luxurious one so we can try to use it at home. 

We can choose the fruity and sweet taste by infusing the vodka with the lime extracts or lime peels and Tahitian vanilla beans. Tahitian vanilla bean has a sweetness and fruity aroma with the scents of chocolate and caramel. It also has an abundance of vanilla seeds inside the pods. Here are the steps you can take. First, split the Tahitian vanilla bean’s center with a sharp knife; you should leave the ends intact after that, take some fresh lime peels to the bottle. To make it tastier and get the maximum flavor of both the beans and lime, leave them for one to two weeks.

How Long The Infusing Vanilla Beans In Vodka?

Vodka is a perfect part to take as the additional flavor to the selected vanilla beans. Good quality vodka usually has strong, less flavor, but it should be smooth and less astringent. Here is the best goal for the Tahitian vanilla bean or the other vanilla beans to run maximum.

Here we go. We can infuse them for at least one month. For the stronger one, we need to infuse it in a couple of months. Here the more you put the vanilla beans, the sooner you can speed up the infusing process. Further, we can also use it as a special gift for your beloved friends with a pretty bottle, so you need to let them mature for several weeks before using it. Vanilla beans in vodka are similar to the kind of wine. To enrich the flavor, it needs more time to go.

Homemade Vanilla Extract With Vodka

If you have vanilla beans at home, try the following recipe. Below the steps for making the tasty vanilla extract with the perfect mixture of vanilla beans in vodka. It would be simple. Here you need to prepare these two main ingredients, vodka and vanilla beans. A high alcohol content (at least 35%) is preferred to use. You can also choose a neutral or complimentary flavor. For the jar, you can take the vinegar jar because it has a fit height and is quite easy to clean and reuse.

  1. First, start by cutting the vanilla beans with scissors or a knife. The cutting is better to fit with the height of the jar you will use. Here is the example, we take the eight-ounce jar to put the vanilla beans. Then, chop right through them. Never leave any, although just a little the vanilla beans, they are so prestigious. 
  2. Then, add the alcohol until all the beans are covered. Cut the improper part to make sure they are all covered well. Tighten the lid and shake it well.
  3. After that, place the vanilla bean mixture in a cool and dark. This helps the maturing progress of vanilla beans in vodka. It is better to store them for at least two months. 
  4. You cannot just let them mature, but shake them every week, even as often as you can. 
  5. Finally, they will get darker. It can be enjoyed to enhance the flavor of many dishes such as smoothies, homemade whipped cream, eggnog, hot chocolate, and more.

Based on the type of your vodka, they will be ready in at least 7-10 days. However, the time letting them darker can affect the taste to be stronger. But, make sure to not let them too long; they will be so strong. Before doing so, you need to choose the best vanilla beans to get the best taste of vanilla beans in vodka. Order the products from our website, since we provide the best quality and the best prices. Check our product and call us now!