The Vanilla Beans Shelf Life And Storing Tips

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The Vanilla Beans Shelf Life And Storing Tips

Vanilla is quite easy to find and use, whether in cooking or baking. It comes from the delicate pods, which were treated well before. In the farming process, it is controlled in the case of the heat and humidity to keep the taste. Later, the drying process needs at least months. Besides those long processes of production, the storing of the vanilla beans is also an essential factor in determining the vanilla beans’ shelf life. So, we may not wonder why vanilla beans are one of the most expensive flavors besides saffron.

Usually, we can find the vanilla beans or their pods in herb and spice stores near us. We can find the vanilla essence or the vanilla sugar product as well. Other, if we want to get the best quality, we tend to choose the vanilla beans fresh from its farming. The shelf life of the vanilla beans is related to how they are properly stored after you use them. We can see that vanilla beans are not a perishable product; however, we need to pay more attention to their shelf life. We recommend using vanilla or products within two years. You should not consume it longer to keep the effect, taste, and flavor. Use more love in keeping them; take any pods to store after using them for cooking. Those help the vanilla pod be usable for years.

How Long Vanilla Beans Shelf Life?

In some cases, the use of the vanilla extract for some needs, especially in baking recipes, is always worth the extra cost. Although we just take some for every dish made, the product can enrich the flavors a lot. Some of us may be so confused about how to store the products. Since the way of storing is very vital to extend the vanilla beans’ shelf life both after opening the product and immediately after using it. Like the other kinds of spices, vanilla beans have their expiration date.

Here are the steps on how you should take to store your vanilla beans. In liquid, the bottle should be sealed and placed in a cool dark corner, such as in the pantry. Make sure the bottle is prevented from heat, moisture, and direct sunlight. This place is recommended to have distance from the stove, the dishwasher, or the fridge. You should not keep it near the windows. If these are all done properly, the vanilla beans’ shelf life will last for at least a year, even more than two years, in controlled storing.

Tips To Store The Vanilla Beans

Here we sum up the steps to handle the vanilla bean’s durability. First, keep the vanilla pods you have in the dark place with ideal room temperature, neither too hot nor too cold. The temperature should be 15 – 25 degrees Celsius. Further, never put the vanilla in your refrigerator or keep it frozen since this will only make the pod wet. So, you can take the airtight container to keep your vanilla.

For the type of jar, you can choose the glass jar or glazed ceramic jar; remember, this can be used to block the sunlight. Some of us just take a plastic container that actually can affect the taste of the dish. The snug fit container is better to use as it can prevent too much air from circulating. As a result, the moisture can be kept well. The vanilla beans are not recommended for packing in vacuum conditions since they only can expose to bacterial degradation in an anaerobic system.

The next point is you need to maintain the vanilla as your best quality cigar. You should air them regularly to prevent sweating and moldy pods, even if they are drying out. You are suggested to just buy the small number of vanilla beans you will use rather than the more quantities. Using and storing it is better.

Last but not least, the best quality vanilla beans are processed for 3-4 years. Moreover, the ways of storing are also important to keep its fragrance, so the best vanilla beans are best for applying to your favorite cuisines. This would be beneficial to boost the vanilla beans’ shelf life. This influences the price of vanilla beans; here, we offer the lowest prices with a good guarantee. We have been known as the global vanilla beans supplier since 1986, so get our products now. Order now!