How To Make Profitable Vanilla Planifolia Bean Extract?

by | Dec 23, 2019 | Vanilla Beans

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The sweet taste will revive your mood. Maybe you have heard this sentence. It is not just a consolation sentence. Can you imagine when the evening approaches you and your body performance is in low stage, one thing you need is sweet intake to raise your blood sugar? The stable blood sugar can improve mood so that you are ready to continue the next activity. The sweet flavors that are easily obtained are from dishes like cakes, cookies, ice cream, and drink like milkshakes. The sweet dishes usually contain vanilla which not only sweetens but also scents food. The vanilla planifolia bean extract should be on your dishes list that can revive your mood.

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Vanilla Extract

Vanilla bean is a fruit derived from vanilla planifolia orchids. This orchid was first cultivated in its native place, Mexico. Then people started to cultivate vanilla planifolia bean extract outside Mexico. Unfortunately, vanilla planifolia plants can only be pollinated by insects that only live in Mexico. When vanilla planifolia outside Mexico is about to be pollinated, farmers need manual tools such as bamboo or toothpicks with pistil and pollen on the farmer’s hands. This causes the vanilla planifolia beans to rise in price. Vanilla is a labor-intensive spice.

Vanilla extract is made by soaking vanilla pods in ethanol and water solution. For those who want halal vanilla extract, they can soak vanilla pods in food glycerin liquid and hot water. Vanilla extract comes in a liquid form that is easy to use. It has no saturated fat so it is safe for your body’s health.

The vanillla extract contains carbohydrates, calcium, iron, sodium potassium, magnesium, and other compounds that are beneficial to human health if used in supple dosage.

Scrape The Seeds Of A Vanilla Bean

The vanilla bean dredging process is the first step before making the vanilla planifolia bean extract. Here’s how to scrape the seeds of vanilla beans.

  1. Take a vanilla bean. Split the vanilla bean lengthwise using the tip of the small knife.
  2. Scrape the vanilla beans from the pod using the dull side of the knife that’s not sharp.
  3. Scrape down the entire parts of the vanilla bean pods.
  4. This scraped seed can be used directly in your cake dough or the soap solution you made yourself.
  5. The empty pods can be dried in an enclosed-vacuum bag for use the next day.

How To Make Vanilla Planifolia Bean Extract?

The vanilla planifolia bean will give a smooth and spicy taste to tour dishes. You can make your vanilla extract which can benefit you. So you can sell vanilla planifolia beans as well as a vanilla extract that can be used for various purposes such as making desserts, dressing a salad, homemade soap, aromatherapy oils, and perfumes.

Here’s how to make vanilla extract.

  • Set the utensils such as premium vanilla planifolia seeds from about 10 vanilla beans, 750 ml of liquid rum, a small glass bottle, scissors, knife, and strainer.
  • Boil the bottles and other utensils then dry it.
  • Put the vanilla seeds and dried pods slices in a glass bottle.
  • Pour alcohol into the glass bottle.
  • Store the bottle in a closed and safe room.
  • Shake the bottle every 1 to 4 weeks. Do this for the next 6 months.
  • Open the bottle after 6 months, then strain the vanilla planifolia bean extract and place it in small bottles.

Food Glycerin

The Halal market is now becoming an important target for all sellers. To reach buyers in the halal market, you have to make the profitable halal vanilla planifolia bean extract without alcohol. So you can soak the vanilla seeds in food glycerin and warm water.