Cellulose as the Excellent Viscosifier Applied in Products

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Chemicals are very closely related in human life and every day humans are always associated with chemicals. It is never hard to find the application of mild to hazardous chemicals. One of the popular substances is cellulose and its derivation. It is a special element that contains many advantageous influences. Having viscosity inside the materials brings cellulose to be an excellent viscosifier.

Viscosifiers in Cellulose Ether

Cellulose as the Excellent Viscosifier Applied in Products

Cellulose as the Excellent Viscosifier Applied in Products

Cellulose ether is one of the viscosifiers that can change viscosity and rheology. When the viscoity increases then the suspension of solids also increases. Moreover, the emulsion is more stable, and fluid loss can be overcome. It is not surprising that the market for viscosifier is now expanding from year to year. The demand for viscosifier products such as cellulose ether in construction, cosmetics, automotive, paint, coatings, aerospace, personal care, and general industries continues to increase significantly.

The use of viscosifier with its versatility in forming gelatin, suspension ability, and compatibility for all nonaqueous liquids is very important. Especially in the paint and coating industry which requires many applications.

Complex Cellulose Ether Production

The users of cellulose ether are now greatly facilitated by the sale of many powdered cellulose products in the market. They can even buy it online in small or large parts. Imagine if you still have to mix it yourself through a fairly complicated process. The cellulose ether production process is very complex and takes a long time.

The manufacture of cellulose ether begins with the extraction of cellulose from wood or cotton. Then the extraction will be added sodium hydroxide and with a chemical reaction will turn into alkaline cellulose. Meanwhile, under the action of etherifying agents, cellulose ethers can be produced from alkaline cellulose through processes such as washing with water, then drying and grinding.

Cellulose ether as a viscosifier now is one of the natural polymers that have dominated the US market in terms of year-round demand. The main applications of cellulose ether are in the fields of construction, food, beverages, medicines, toiletries, and cosmetics.

While the derivatives of cellulose ether have been used in a wide variety of applications such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, personal care, cosmetics, surface coatings, constructions, and many more.

Find Out How Cellulose Ether Work with the Viscosity

Chemicals have become an essential part of the survival of human life. We can find chemical compounds in various things in life such as food, drink, the air we breathe, and so on. These are not only toxic and dangerous but there are many types of mild chemicals that we unconsciously use in our daily lives. For example, the water we drink all the time is the main constituent of the human body.

Viscosity is the state of the cellulose where it is related to the cellulose as the thickening agent. Where viscosifier is the way cellulose is an agent of thickening, stiffener, and gelling agent. There are several crucial entities of cellulose ether submitted in the paragraph below. Physically, cellulose is known for the following characteristics:

  • It is a kind of non-toxic material. This indicator is a sign that the product will not be toxic if inhaled, exposed, or slightly ingested.
  • Cellulose is a biodegradable element. It means it can decompose naturally in a relatively fast time, so it does not pollute the environment.
  • Chemically, it belongs to solid homo-biopolymer.
  • Commonly, it is white (in raw materials) with a certain molecular mass and density value.
  • High tensile (varies from the sources), strong, compressive, and used as the viscosifier.
  • If it is used in cross-bonding, it gives the maximum value and strength.

Start Finding Good Cellulose Ether for Excellent Applications

Maybe some of us are aware of it and some are not. Indeed, it is true that in our lives we often use chemical products. For example, when using make-up we use chemical products where the ingredients for making make-up contain chemical substances.

Soap is an example of a chemical product that gets through the chemical process. Other examples are detergent, shampoo, toothpaste, perfume, facial cleanser, floor cleaner, disinfectant, and bleach.

These products utilize the existence of cellulose ether. Specifically, detergent and shampoo, or other daily care products take cellulose ether as the viscosifier. It stands for substances added to the mixture (liquid or other aqueous compounds). Then, it works to improve the viscosity rate where nothing changes from the properties. If we are interested to get some, below are considerations we should know.

  • The form of cellulose may be varied. However, it is common to purchase cellulose in the form of powder.
  • The natural color of cellulose is white or light yellow before adding it to a certain compound.
  • Odorless. Pay attention to the odor of cellulose ether before buying it. An indicator of good cellulose is odorless.
  • Whether we buy cellulose or the derivations, we can first analyze the content. However, it may be not an easy task. Asking the expert or the supplier is much recommended.
  • Gelling point is where cellulose changes to be gel in a certain value of water solution. In two percent of water solution, the rate should be not less or more than 58 to 64.
  • ¬†Water contained in products. Find the detail of cellulose produced by manufacturers.
  • Viscosity is one of the main properties we should pay more attention to. As the viscosifier, it has a certain rate of temperature and percentage of solution.

Generally, the specific description of the products is available briefly. It helps more people to be aware and wise before deciding to buy. Especially for ordinary people who want to buy similar products. Of course, it isn’t very clear if you have to understand one by one the properties and values that exist in cellulose. Luckily, there are already many companies that don’t just sell products but also provide support if there are problems after or before purchasing.