Guide to Knowing and Choosing a Good Water Heater Valves

by | Apr 25, 2022 | HVAC

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The use of valves for the flow of water is commonly used, even considered a mandatory thing in every channel. You can’t just let the water flow and make the house flood, right? On the other hand, the water heater valves have a role that is no less strategic than an ordinary valve.

Unfortunately, people’s knowledge about water heater valves is not very good because usually, the valve has been installed in a package with the water heater installation. You can freely replace the valve when its function is less effective or it may be damaged. But do you already have enough knowledge about this type of valve?

Choosing a special valve for a water heating system should not be arbitrary. If necessary, you must enrich the information about the water heater valve to find a suitable product that works well, is durable, and has an affordable price. In this article, we will help you enrich information about water heater valves in the following description:

How The Water Heater Valve Works

Most valves installed for water heating systems are Non-Return Valves. Its presence is very important in the home water supply system because it can help save water, prevent leakage, and avoid accidents due to uncontrolled hot water splashes.

This type of Water Heater Valve is a one-way flow opening and closing door. That way, this device blocks the chance of water flowing back to its source, but only stops the flow. Not only saving water, but you also have the opportunity to save electricity because the pump will not continue to run when the valve is opened and closed.

When the valve closes, water flow is prevented from returning to the pump. On the other hand, you also don’t have to wait for the water to rise and flow into the drain when the valve is opened. The valve will keep the flow of water filled in the drain so that the water will flow immediately when you want to use it.

Water Heater Valve Components

Water valve consists of many components which are ideally made of quality materials. The valve components include a spring and a circular plate inside a brass cylinder. The valve can open and close manually or automatically. You have to be careful about buying a valve, not only from the material but also the diameter of the pipe to which the valve will be installed. The size must be right so that the line is prevented from leaking.

Should start with the diameter of the pipe on which it is planned to be placed. It should be noted that the use of this device will lead to the appearance of additional resistance to the flow of water since the pressure from the pump will drop by about 0.5 atm.

Types of Water Heater Valve

Especially, the valves available for water heating systems vary, so you and other consumers have the flexibility to choose the best and adapt it to the water heating system you have. Many suppliers are ready to provide many valves of different types and with varying quality and prices.

Here are the types of water heater valves that you should know:

Lifting Valve

This type of valve construction uses bolts that move up and down. When water flows from the pump, the bolt will move up, while when the pipe pressure drops, the valve will automatically close.

Rotate Valve. As the name suggests, the valve is designed with a circular motion when opening and closing. With the help of a spring, the flowing water will circularly move the valve so that the flow opens. Likewise, when closing, a circular motion will occur so that the flow is blocked.

Ball Valve

Ball valve is shaped like a sphere that overlaps its cross-sectional device. The ball is supported by a spring where it will rise when the water flows and will descend and close the channel when the water pressure is low.

Flanged valve

This valve will fold when the flow of water occurs and will close when the flow of water is to be blocked. The valve has a disc gate that is capable of moving along its axis.

Tips On How To Choose A Good Water Heater Valve

You have to consider several things before deciding to buy a certain type of water heater valve. This is useful so that you don’t buy the wrong one, and can match the valve with the pipe already installed in the water heating system. If necessary, you should consult with experienced people, or ask the supplier directly about your needs.

You also need to analyze the working principle of the non-return valve. This is useful so that you can make sure the tool is not defective and can work optimally when used for a long time. Also, pay attention to the materials and designs that will be selected. Detailed technical specifications will take you closer to finding the right valve and the best quality.

If you are still confused about choosing the right Water Heater Valve supplier, you should consult with some manufacturers and suppliers. We do hope you get the best quality water heater valves and the most affordable prices.