Water Underfloor Heating: Can Be Installed In Any Kind of House

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Water underfloor heating‘s interesting thing is easy to catch. The most prominent thing is exactly the warmth resulted from this system. The Winter season has to be spent with good preparation on the heating system.

The Reason Why You Have to Choose Underfloor Heating

Instead of traditional and conventional heating, people now begin to use the heating system under the floor. The heat distribution of this is better. There is no heat and cold spot that usually exist in the air heater. Besides, it is home economic if the setting is right. The carbon emissions in your home are reduced by applying this system.

Two Underfloor Heating Categories

Water Underfloor Heating

This kind is also referred to as a wet system. It involved the use of water as the heating source. The basic principle of this kind of system is the hot water installed under the floor and heat the room. The hot water is distributed through the whole room using network pipes.

The pipes that are used are continuous. No worry about water leakage because there is no joint (no fissure for water to leak). To heat the water (as the heat source) it employs a boiler. Any boiler usually suits this system as long as the capacity is good.

Dry or Electric Heating

Different from the previous, this one utilizes electricity as the source of heat. This system suits eccentric house shapes. The foil mat style fits the floor with lamination. Matting style, for a more flexible room shape. Lose wire suits the contemporary room and other awkward-shaped buildings.

The Cost of Water Underfloor Heating

Generally, the system underground (both water-based or electrical-based) costs more expensive than the air heater. It is natural because it needs a renovation that needs additional materials. The installation cost depends on some things. The most important thing that decides the accumulation cost is the distance between the floor and the boiler. The next is the location. It is on the ground floor or on the second floor, or whatever the homeowner wishes it to be.

Although the installation seems to be pricey, the running cost is incredibly cheap. It is the cheapest among all the heating systems. Even, between the two underground systems, it is cheaper than the electric-based. It is because of the energy efficiency.

Suitable Flooring

When talking about flooring combine with the heating underground, the best floor is that that made of stone. This has great conductor characteristics. The duration of warming the room is also quicker. It can make the heat last longer.

The other floor types that are possible for the underfloor system are:

  • Concrete: Modern home style tend to use concrete as the floor. It is great because the material also keeps the warmth for a long time. But, it will need a screed to put the system in (whether electric or water-based).
  • Carpet: Carpet flooring combine withwater underfloor heating can be harmonious. But, the carpet has to be thin. An extremely thick carpet will affect the warming duration of the heating machine.
  • Wooden: This kind of flooring needs additional treatment. The characteristics of wood that can shrink in cold temperatures and warp in high temperatures make it a frail material. But, to overcome this problem, you can use laminated or engineered ones.

Wet Underfloor Heating in an Old House

Water Underfloor Heating Components

It is possible to install this system in an old house. But you have to consider the renovation. Also, the height of the ceiling is important. Installing an underfloor heating system will lift the floor. If the height of the room is short, it might be a problem. The other thing that you should consider is that the insulation of the room. For the bad insulation, it has to be coated with an extra layer.

In renovating the house to be underfloor heated, you don’t have to ask for planning permission although the house is old. The building that needs that permission is the historical one or a heritage building.

To conclude, water underfloor heating is a home economic heating system (for running cost). It can be installed in any kind of home design with any kind of flooring.

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