Water Underfloor Heating Components

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Water Underfloor Heating Components

Many families need something to make their houses comfortable, especially in the cold season. Using water underfloor heating components is one of the solutions. What are the advantages of using this tool? Let’s find out.

What is Water Underfloor Heating Components?

Water Underfloor Heating Components are a set of pieces of equipment that produce heat so that it helps the house become comfortable, especially in the cold season. 

The system can arrange to the temperature necessary or as people need so that the people live in will feel comfortable. Some products serve manual temperature arrangements, but this time it is easy to find digital ones. Using digital arrangement allow people to set the proper temperature. 

The set includes a base station, room thermostat, thermal actuator, boiler, and external pump. These pieces of equipment are connected to each other and produce heat in the room. 

How Does the Heating Set Work?

It was written above that the set includes some parts. Here is the task for each part:

The Base Station

This is the center of the information transmission and processing for room thermostat, thermal actuator, boiler, and pumping. It receives the signal from the room thermostat. Then it first sends the information to the thermal actuator. One hundred twenty seconds later it sends the signal to the boiler and pump. This part is not available in a normal control system. 

The Room Thermostat

The task of this part is controlling and adjusting the temperature of the room. It collects temperature data. The room thermostat sends the data to the base station. There is an analog room thermostat. Nowadays, many companies serve digital room thermostats. 

Thermal Actuator

This part has an important task to open or close the state. It works after receiving the signal from the base station and room thermostat. 


This is the heat source or the system. It starts to work after receiving the signal from the base station and room thermostat to open or close. 

External Pump

It provides power for the waterway system after receiving the signal from the base station and room thermostat to open or close. 

The installation work starts by adding the temperature needed by adjusting the room thermostat. Using a digital room thermostat could do by pushing the plus or minus pin to increase or decrease room temperature. The data will send to the base station. It will process the data by sending it to the thermal actuator so that it opens the system. 

One hundred twenty seconds later, the base station will send information to the boiler and external pump. The boiler will start to heat the water while the external pump will push the water into the pipe through the thermal actuator that is already open. The delay between the thermal actuator and the heating and pumping components can save 2% energy. 

When room temperature already reaches the temperature set, the thermal actuator, the boiler, and the external pump will close together. This could save energy by 2%. After that, the system will get into the keep warm period. In this period, the boiler and the external pump stop working and avoid restarting. This can save energy to 26%. The total energy saved by this system is 30%.

The Advantages of Using this Water Underfloor Heating Components

All people want to live in a comfortable house. They do many ways to gain their need. The use of an underfloor heating component will serve comfortable room temperature during the hard season. The component can apply before the room is filled with stuff because some part of the component applies to the floor. 

The second part of this article informs us that using this set will save energy by 30%. This will reduce your electricity bill while your need for a comfortable house is fulfilled. 

The delayed period between sending information to the thermal actuator and the boiler-external pump could prevent conflict between internal and external pumps. The external pump has a return water function that improves the utilization efficiency of warm water. This function also simplifies the pipeline design of the manifold. It reduces pipeline installation difficulty so that it reduces manufacturing costs, too. 

Living comfortably during the hard season is a dream no more. It can help by the water underfloor heating components that can apply to the house. The advantages are not only the easy temperature adjustment but also the energy use, efficiency in pipeline installation, and manufacturing cost. Consider this option to gain the dream of comfortable living.