What Is Water Underfloor Heating System Best For?

by | Jul 6, 2022 | HVAC

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A water underfloor heating system sounds rare to be employed to warm a house. Most houses still use the conventional method, which is using a radiator. If there is a house that uses the underground heating method, it is dry heating that is often utilized. What is wrong with the water or wet one?

People just haven’t known deeply about the water system. The absence of knowledge makes this method seems scary to be used, whereas it is not true. The next explanation will tell you why people think that way.

  • The Device and the Component

The components that are used to resemble the water underfloor heating system are a lot. This system consists of hot water as the core; to make the water hot, it uses a boiler. To distribute the hot water on the whole ground, it uses a heat pump and pipes.

  • The Installation Takes a Long Time

This system is a built-in system, and it needs serious execution. The installation of the dry system can be done in 30 minutes. That is the fastest. If there is a difficulty, it can take longer. The wet method indeed takes longer than that. But it is still reasonable and worth the wait.

  • The Cost

This section seems to be the scariest thing because too much financial burden can destroy the whole system in a house. Installing both the water underfloor heating system and the dry system needs extra payment (compared to the conventional air heater). However, the expert and the users have already proven that using the underground system is more economical.

The monthly bill is so much cheaper than using the conventional method.

The Comparison of the Water System and the Electric System

People keep looking for the best between the two systems that use the same location installation. Here are some differences that you can consider:

1. The Cost

The water system is more expensive than the dry one. It needs more components like a long pipe, water, boiler (to heat the water), screed, heat pump, and room stat. The similar thing is that both need an expert to install. If you are confident enough and have knowledge about installation, you can do it by yourself. But it is not recommended because there is no guarantee if there is a mistake.

2. Durability

The two systems are more durable than the conventional. Between those two, the water or wet system is more durable. The electric-based system might have trouble with the electricity and have to be maintained. The wet one might have it too, but it is very rare. The pipes used are pipe with a minimum joint. That is why trouble in leakage is very rare.

3. The Room Size

The size of the project is important. It is to decide the best system that is ideally applied. For a large area (more than 15 sqm), it is suggested to install a water underfloor heating system. For the area with less than 15 sqm width, it is suggested to use an electric one. The wet system has a higher cost in installation, so if the area is too small, the cost will be higher, although the running bill will be cheap. It never reaches the balance.

While for a large area, the cost of the water system will be reasonable, even cheaper than the other heating method. Using electric heating for a large area costs a fortune, especially if your area has a high price for electricity.

wet water underfloor heating system

4. Which One is Cheaper?

To answer this question, let us go back to item number 3. It depends on the width of the room and the area’s electricity price. This has to be calculated carefully. The answer is not absolute. But the outline is the width benchmark in item number 3.


There is no absolute statement that claims the best between the two underground systems. Each method has its strength and weakness. But to be highlighted, the electric-based underground heating is best for a small room with an area that charges electricity at a reasonable price. 

Although it needs electricity all the time, with the small size of the room, the bill will not be too high. Meanwhile, a water underfloor heating system is best for a large area. The installation cost will be paid off by the economical electricity and the great energy saving. It will reach good heating with a good financial balance. For more understanding, check the electric vs water underfloor heating system.