Understanding Wet Underfloor Heating

by | Feb 23, 2022 | HVAC

The Common Misunderstanding of Wet Underfloor Heating

Wet Underfloor Heating Vs Radiator

Wet underfloor heating is a continuous system that runs for a long time. After counting the installation cost and running cost, the result of this system is economical. In the installation process, the cost might seem expensive. Once it is installed, the monthly bill is inexpensive.

Unfortunately, there are still many misinterpretations about this device. Two possible causes lead people to this misunderstanding. The first is because the device is placed somewhere that is not visually accessible. The second is the installation cost. Let us reveal the misunderstanding that becomes common in society.

  • Wet Underfloor Heating Is Not Suitable For Parquet

This is completely wrong. By providing the right flooring with humidity resistance and some features more, this system can run well.

  • This System Is Not Healthy

The fact in the field shows otherwise where this system precisely has a healthy result. Unlike the conventional one that can build up dust on the device, this system doesn’t. It even prevents that phenomenon and further prevents the emergence of dust mites.

  • It Hurts Your Feet

Hot temperatures indeed can hurt human skin. But with the proper installation and good room insulation, this will not happen. If the room has good insulation, the temperature needed to heat the environment is low.

  • Wet Underfloor Heating Is Always Under The Floor

The name of the system leads to a misunderstanding. This system can be installed in the wall and the ceiling. Installing this system in the ceiling or wall can even make the heating process faster.

  • It Takes A Longer Time To Heat, And The Temperature Is Not Stable

The underground system indeed takes a longer time. But the difference is not big. It is only a few minutes. So, it doesn’t mean that you will feel cold for a long time during the wait for this device to heat the room.

  • Wet Underfloor Heating And Electric-Based Are Similar

This system is hidden down under the floor. Not anyone can see the construction except the homeowner or the people who keep up with the installation progress. People simply think that the two are the same. The fact is they’re different, although both need electricity to power up the fixture. The wet one sets the hot water as the heat source. Meanwhile, the electrical-based uses wire and electricity as the heat source.

  • Wet Underfloor Heating Is Not As Warm As Radiator

The environment around the radiator indeed drastically becomes warm or hotter than before. If you stay in the room when the device is turned on, you will feel the difference. Meanwhile, the underfloor system works invisibly. It heats the environment evenly, so the temperature alteration is sheer. You just feel comfortable in the time when the system has completely done its job. Therefore, the statement in item g is truly wrong.

Where Can We Use Wet Underfloor Heating?

After seeing the fact behind the misunderstanding, the following are the other facts about the type of space that could run this system.

  • First Floor

For the first floor, the system could be installed in the ceiling. It depends on your consideration.

  • Renovation

Installing the system during the renovation project gives advantages. The installation can be added as additional construction. It will be more perfect because you can adjust the system to be fitted with the environment. Although it needs to lift the floor, it is not too bulky. It won’t disrupt the height.

  • New Build Project

This project is the easiest project to be added to the underfloor system. When the building process is from the start, the heating system can be planned better. It maximizes the height of the room that can be estimated from the beginning—no worries about height disruption.


Many rumors in society end up with misunderstandings. That is worst if there is no research to test the truth. Wet underfloor heating is still underestimated; it is a great heating system. The special offer from this system is the room without a bulky heating device because the system is under the floor. Every spot in your home is valuable. And you can maximize all those spots at one’s pleasure.