What are Underfloor Heating Components?

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Underfloor Heating Components

The underfloor heating system consists of various essential components so that it can work well in heating the room. As a consumer, you should have sufficient knowledge of underfloor heating components. This knowledge will make it easier for you to install, use, or repair this tool independently.

For those of you who live in cold climates, a space heater is not a strange thing. This tool is often relied on by many people, not only to warm the room but also for other needs such as preventing moisture, drying objects and clothes, and other specific needs.

Water-based underfloor heating components

So what are the underfloor heating components for water-based underfloor heating? Let’s look at the following description:

1. Water Distribution Channels

This one component is also called a manifold. It is a medium for distributing water from primary hot water sources or also known as boilers. That tool distributes water to the UFH pipe connected to the manifold. Hence, it is a must-have component because it is the beginning of the underfloor heating performance.

2. Set Control

The temperature of the water distributed from the manifold must be controlled as needed. Therefore, the next component, namely the control set, is in charge of controlling the temperature so that it is neither too hot nor too low. This tool is a thermostatic pump and valve that works automatically and is sensitive to temperature changes.

This tool adjusts so that the water temperature of the boiler, which is in the range of 70 to 80 degrees celsius, can be lowered to a temperature of about 35 to 40 degrees Celsius. This device is also equipped with a pump that functions as a circulation. This pump ensures that the water circulating in the pipe can match the required speed.

3. Control Zone

This is the part that is directly in contact with the user and can be said to be the “Smart Zone”. This component allows the system to spread heat to each room with a temperature that adapts to the needs. This component is an end zone where there is complete control over the system by the user.

Underfloor Heating Manifold Installation

Benefits of Knowing Underfloor Heating Components

All of this has to do with the call to be a smart consumer, where you are not a passive user but rather take an active role in operating it properly. When you use an underfloor heating device correctly, it means that you are also proficient in its maintenance. This opens up opportunities for using underfloor heating for a longer time.

When you know about Underfloor heating components, it is hoped that you will also be smarter and more selective in choosing underfloor heating products that are good and of quality. This will later relate to the supplier you choose in the procurement and installation of underfloor heating for homes and offices.

Even so, we also cannot generalize the components in the underfloor heating device. Moreover, at this time, there have been many technological innovations that make floor heating components very diverse.

But you don’t need to worry because these components work the same and have the same goal, which is to focus on keeping the user warm in the rainy season. You can even become a distributor of underfloor heating so you can get smarter in getting to know the various Underfloor heating components.

These are Electric Based Underfloor Heating Components

If you live in a country with a cold climate, you may be familiar with underfloor heating. This tool is quite popular because of its practical use and the duration of its use which can reach tens of years. Even so, do you know the underfloor heating components and their uses?

Not many people know about underfloor heating components, even though they often use them. Even if you don’t know it, it doesn’t matter. But you will depend a lot on other people when it comes to fixing it or maybe promoting the underfloor heating you use.

It wouldn’t hurt to know about underfloor heating components. You will be more proficient in choosing good underfloor heating products, add insight, and have the potential to be good at solving various problems related to the performance of underfloor heating. The following are the components that are required in an underfloor heating system:

1. Ceramic Coating

Ceramics are an interior element that functions not only as a complement to the style of the room. Also it makes the room looks clear and clean. Ceramics are also an important component that will coat the underfloor heating system. Ceramic floors are superior to other insulating layers because they have high durability and moisture resistance.

When you want to install a heating element under a ceramic coating, several things must be considered. These include the height of the floor that must be raised in the range of 2-5 cm, the amount of electricity with a certain capacity for the needs of the ground wire, ensuring that there are no other channels in the heating area, and saving heat on the surface by adjusting thermal insulation.

2. Electric Floor

Electric underfloor heating is not the same as water-based heating. This system does not have drains to control air temperature. Electric-based underfloor heating components are heated by converting electrical energy into heat energy.

This type of heater also has different components, depending on the supplier. But basically, an electric floor can be distinguished by its appearance and design, which may use heating cables, heating mats, or simply using an infrared heating film.

Electric-based underfloor heating components use single-core and two-core cables. Single-core cable functions to emit dangerous waves, so it is not recommended for use in homes. This cable allows you to heat an area installed in concrete for specific needs.

electric underfloor heating components heating mat infrared

3. Heating Mat

This mat is fixed on top of concrete, similar to reinforcement for stucco. It is a polypropylene net equipped with a low-power cable connected to the network. This mattress affects the height of the ceramic floor, which is affected by the thickness of the heating mat.

4. Infrared Heating Element

Underfloor heating components are based on electricity which in turn is infrared. Inside this one component, there is a material that can convert current energy into heat. Some producers use some kind of raw material, such as special pasta, to make their function dynamic.

This element is also capable of detecting when there is a malfunction in certain heating ducts. That way, you don’t have to bother with removing the entire layer of tiled floors and looking for the source of the problem. Infrared will guide you to find the source of the problem so you can fix it quickly.

Of the four important elements that an electric-based underfloor heating system has, you need to understand the correct installation method. The installation method is not complicated. But you must at least have the skills in using building tools and materials so that the work results are precise and neat.

Choosing the best electric underfloor heating products

Most importantly, you have to be good at choosing underfloor heating products that are really of good quality. Make sure that the supplier you choose is experienced, has a good track record, and the quality has been recognized by an independent agency. Take the time to research and collect data to select many suppliers that you think are reliable.

Need recommendations about the best companies that are skilled at producing high-quality underfloor heating? Don’t hesitate to open a discussion room in the comments column or ask any questions. Later our admin will provide answers and solutions quickly.

Ultimately, knowing about underfloor heating components isn’t mandatory, but it’s still helpful information. So, become an intelligent consumer who understands the products you have used for decades.