Choosing The Right Type Of Wooden Flush Door

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A wooden flush door is considered basic for houses because it is available everywhere and easy to install and replace; although the colors may differ from one another, the design of the doors is quite similar, with a straight and smooth surface to maintain its simplicity. However, some of the flush doors are made from different materials, and some are laminated while other is not; not only to mention the varied range of raw materials that are used to create one simple flush door. 

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Flush Door Types

Basically, a wooden flush door is divided into several types. 

Solid Core Flush Doors

This type of wooden flush door is classified as the most common flush door that you can find in the store. It is also known as Laminated Flush Doors. The characteristic of this door represents in its name, as it is named the solid core door; it also means that the main characteristic of this door is the use of solid block side the door to support the balance of the door. 

Adding a solid block inside of the flush door is crucial for the durability of the door, as it makes them stronger for years; another advantage of this basic flush door is its ability to absorb sound, which means that the door can maintain the soundproofing ability for a long. It is suitable for those who want to create a quiet place around the house or those who want to add private space for a member of the family. Usually, people apply this type of wooden flush door for an office room, library, and bedroom; but it can also be applied to the nursing room. 

Since the core of the door is made from a heavy block, it also means that the door requires more material. The weight of the door can also be heavy, which makes the door a little bit difficult to install, so you may need professional help in order to apply the door. 

Hollow Core Flush Doors

Just like the name of the door, this type of wooden flush door has a hollow inside of the door, and the entire support of the door comes from the honeycomb. This type of door is the opposite of the solid core door, and it is lighter and less durable. It does not have soundproofing ability since the inside of the door only consist of battens; in term of price, this type of flush door s cheaper than the rest because it needs fewer materials. 

However, this type of door is easy to be installed as part of a DIY project since the weight is quite bearable. It might not be preferred for those who live with big family members because it cannot lessen the noise from the outside, but those who are living by themselves choose this type of door because they can replace them without professional help. 

Cellular Core Flush Doors

The inside of the door is also made from batten, and they are a mix of hardwood or plywood. The inside of the door is not totally empty, as the addition of face veneer on the door makes the door stronger and more durable than the hollow type of wooden flush door. It is considered the second best choice after the solid core because it is less heavy, but the quality of the door is better than the hollow core. Although the durability is not as good as a solid core door, at least it is less heavy and easy to install. 

Since wooden flush doors are available in different types, it is crucial to choose them based on your need. If you want to create a private atmosphere for your interior, then using a solid one is the best choice, especially if you prefer them to be a quiet place. As for dividing a living room, then applying a hollow core may be a tone of the solution because you can still have the same basic wooden flush door look but with less noise-proofing ability. 

Choosing The Best Wooden Door Factory

However, if you want to choose the door based on the quality and the price of the door, then selecting the cellular core is better as the price is lower, but the quality is level up than the hollow core. There are many woodworking factory in Indonesia, make sure to choose the best one.

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